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February 1st, 2010, 01:31 AM
Back story:Ok here is the deal when I joined the board almost 2 years ago (OMG does time fly!) I was dyeing my hair a light blond. Once I joined I stopped dyeing and started experimenting with cassia, slowly adding henna to it until I had the strawberry blondish color I have now.

I loved the color, its beautiful but I was not happy with how it looked against my skin and decided to grow my natural color out. My natural color is either dark blond or light brown depending on who you ask. I have about 4" of roots at this point.

My problem: The grown out blond dye is between chin and shoulder length at this point. From that point down my hair is quite a bit lighter and way more red then the upper part of my hair. I wear my air up pretty much constantly and it looks like I have a red bun attached to the back of my head. The color difference is really starting too annoy me...

Possible solution: So I was thinking what if I bought a semi permanent (28 day type) in an ashy light brown/dark blond close to my natural color and dyed my hair with it.

I know henna is a b*tch and trying to bleach it out is a no go (I also don't want the damage or to permanently dye my natural color), but I can dye darker over it right? I'm not looking for perfect or absolutely no henna shine through I would just like to get the color darker and closer to my natural hair...

So opinions?

February 1st, 2010, 07:57 AM
I have some experience with this. Although my pictures are kind of hodgepodge on my profile, because I have still been figuring out how to post in a blog, in an album, etc., I do have pictures of my natural color, my henna, and the big chop I had to do because the henna would NOT DYE OVER, even with permanent brown from a salon.

So, look at my profile -- it is henna -- pretty close to what it was like before I tried to get rid of it, but somewhat lighter. I ended up getting too deep red, which didn't suit my skin type.

Then look on my blog and see the blond pictures -- I have some badly sized huge pics of my natural color now, so you can see what I was dealing with when trying to match color of roots and find something strong enough to go over the henna.

Then, there is one picture of me at the beach with my husband in a grown out pixie -- THIS is the color I ended up with after doing multiple brown dyes at a salon to cover up the henna and it is still a mahogany red. It's the darkest I have every been in my life. Luckily, that hair is all grown out and cut off now.

I am not a henna expert, so i can't tell you what you might try, but I do have pics of my attempts to cover it up. I ended up cutting it all.

(I would still do henna again, BTW -- just would go more strawberry blond with cassia.)

I guess my point is -- you can't dye over it. I know some folks don't mind being two-toned and just grow it all out. That's called p-a-t-i-e-n-c-e. I don't have enough of it, sadly.

February 1st, 2010, 11:42 AM
Hello! I have been hennaing my hair for about a year, and I recently decided to let my natural color grow out. My natural color is dark ash brown, but multiple applications of henna left me with a deep burgundy brown. Beautiful, but I needed to eliminate the red in order to grow my hair out more gracefully, with less of that two-tone look.

I ended up doing a full-head henndigo. Not only did it bring me closer to my original color, but it also eliminated much of the red tones in my hair. It certainly didn't get rid of ALL the red- especially in bright light, the red is definitely still there....but it has toned down considerably!

I'm not sure if this would work for you, because your hair is so much lighter. I would expect for a henndigo treatment to darken your hair some. Perhaps you could come up with a mix that could take the red down a notch- maybe one part indigo? I also used Amla in my mix, which helped to cool it down and bring out more of the ash tones in my dark brown.

I hope this helps! :)

April 16th, 2017, 02:58 PM
Hi, I know this thread is sort of dead but I didn't want to create a new one for the very same problem. I used to bleach my hair and later dyed it with intensive copper haircolour. Then I was using henna for a year and now I am back to chemical hair colour because henna was getting too dark for me. I got rid of the most of henna however I can't get rid of the bright red from the parts where it used to be dyed intensive copper or bleached so my upper part is golden copper (chemical hair dye) and the lower parts are almost red copper. I was considering hair dye remover but I am still trying to lighten it with lightening sprays (Loreal sun kiss tropical). Do you have any advice how to at least tone down the red copper so my hair wouldn't look like extensions in a wrong colour? I tried to apply the chemical hair dye in light golden copper on the reddish part but to no effect (probably because of the henna that sticks to the hair).