View Full Version : Has anyone ever totally changed their parting?

January 15th, 2010, 03:12 AM
I was cotnemplating changing my parting from one side to the other. However I tryed to do it and I realised I would get a whole bunch of layers on one side. And perhaps some of you know how much I hate layers. I would do it to disguise a cowlick. It would make it look like a prolonged parting. However for now I don't think I will do it. But has anyone ever done it and how did it go?

January 15th, 2010, 03:25 AM
When my hair was longer and I didn't have bangs, I just did a simple middle part. I had tried side parts, but my hair fought it terribly. After I cut my hair super short, I just had my new bangs everywhere and no specific parting. Now I've shifted the bangs more into a sideswept look with the part on my right side. For some reason, this works out pretty well for me, but as my hair starts to grow out, we will see what it does then ^_^ I will try to keep the side swept going though since I have a high forehead and bangs help soften it up.

January 15th, 2010, 03:36 AM
Yeah, I shift my part every few years. It's usually just a minor shift of an inch or so. Either a center part or a slighty right of center part. I can't recall if I've ever had a slighty left of center part or not.

As for layers, well, I don't have stick straight hair and I like layers so I can't say much about that.

You do have to fight with your old part for a few days and your scalp feels all weird. I usually clip it down into the new part when my hair is still wet, and keep it clipped when dry if necessary. If I don't have it clipped, I find it tries to shift back into its old ways throughout the day, and I must fight it constantly. After maybe a week of clipping the new part down it usually stays pretty much where you put it :)

January 15th, 2010, 04:15 AM
I haven't parted my hair in years. I just let it fall where it wants to. But when I was a kid my mom would change my part ever so often. She said it was good for the scalp. She would wet my hair down and barrette it to the other side.

January 15th, 2010, 05:41 AM
Yes, I do so often. At the moment I have my hair parted to the left (my left) to show off my silver streak - my hair parts naturally right at that spot and I think the silver streak flowing out from the part on both sides looks cool. :)

My hair seems to want to part in the middle naturally, not a good look for me, so I part it on either side, but have been 'dressing left' (hee hee) for a few years now.

On days I want to wear my hair up and thus cover my scalp cleavage in back, I either part very low to make the cleavage look like it is on purpose, or (on clean har) dry it clipped back or held back with a headband so I have NO part, or (on dirty hair) oil and brush and grease and gel the life out of it so it )?"(&/ lies flat.

So yes it can be done but I am guessing more easily with wavier hair?!?

January 15th, 2010, 05:44 AM
Yes. I used to have a middle parting. Then I wanted to have a side parting. Now I have two parting. The middle one hasn't really gone away.

Madame J
January 15th, 2010, 05:52 AM
My hairdresser tried to do this for me. It worked for a while -- I actually trained my hair to part more to one side (mostly because the haircut he gave me looked weird if I parted in the center), but since my hair is long, and less layered now, I don't really part it, I just let it fall where it falls. And it's back so often, that a part isn't an issue.

But, yes, I have trained my hair to part in a different direction. It involves dampening it and combing it into place every day, with a styling creme or gel if you want.

January 15th, 2010, 06:21 AM
I did this for the first time late last year. My hair naturally parts on the left side, but I started parting it in the middle after I got my blunt bangs. I didnt have much of a problem, maybe because my hair is really fine?

January 15th, 2010, 06:48 AM
I change my part on a regular basis. It seems to occur naturally on the left side just past center. But I move it around to either side and sometimes just let it go where it wants. I also like brushing it back with no part. When I have the part in a new place, I find myself with more tangles and more urges to tuck behind ears. With a new part, I find my hair falls across my forehead and over my shoulders in unexpected ways and at unexpected times. :)

January 15th, 2010, 06:51 AM
I seem to have a slight off centre natural part that my hair wants to go if I don't put it somewhere else when it's damp. I have shifted my part around several times, even with a fringe.

January 15th, 2010, 06:53 AM
My hair naturally parts in the middle. That looks absolutely stupid on me, my parting is now on the left side (I have to comb it that way after every wash).

January 15th, 2010, 07:01 AM
When I was a younger child I had my hair parted down the middle. Then later when I became a teenager I started to part it at the side. I've been parting it at the side ever since, and one time I tried to part it back to the middle again, and it wants to stick up on one side.

January 15th, 2010, 07:48 AM
I once had chunk of hair shaved off (against my will, long story!) and had to switch my parting over to the other side. It looked a bit strange for a couple of washes, but it eventually settled I suppose, and the layers would stop sticking out!

January 15th, 2010, 08:03 AM
When I had shorter bangs, I used to do a side part due to my cowlick. Now that they are longer (yaaaay!) I can do a middle part without looking wierd. ;)

January 15th, 2010, 08:26 AM
I don't part my hair unless I'm sectioning for braids. Otherwise I comb it straight back and let it fall where it may. To give my hair a little more lift in the front, I'll push it in the opposite direction from how it naturally fell when it dried. I've done this since I was a teenager.

January 15th, 2010, 08:46 AM
I used to part my hair pretty far left (for a loooong time) and have just recently switched to a middle part. I've found that a middle part works better with my attempts at WO washing*.

Anyway, my hair likes parting left and lies down nicely that way, parting it in the middle means the part that goes to the left tends to stick up a bit more, but with the WO it actually seems to be working out alright.

*this completely and utterly failed for me and I'm doing WO every two days with a baking soda wash/vinegar rinse once every 1 to 1.5 weeks currently.

(and hi, first post!)

January 15th, 2010, 09:10 AM
I do this frequently, actually, and I DO have a natural part line. I find that it gives me volume and lift around the scalp in a way that I think looks really nice. If my hair has been sort of flat and lank lately, I switch my part and it's like an injection of volume. :)

January 15th, 2010, 09:22 AM
When I change my parting, my hair rebels against me, lol. But I do it anyway and usually I secure it back afterwards, so the resulting super-volumized-looking place settles into the updo. I have a natural center part, thanks to a cowlick, and I like to give myself a faux-sideswept bangs look from time to time with my buns.

But when I wear it down after changing a parting, it has the effect of looking almost teased up. So I really don't do that. :(

January 15th, 2010, 09:30 AM
I had the same middle part from childhood until about 3 years ago. I wanted to go side so I did. While after some time, my hair allowed side parting (though it did put up a fight), to this day it still falls middle naturally. I have to tell it to be side, but at least it agrees when I do.

Be prepared for a fight and with your length and soft-looking texture and straightness/slip, even more of a fight since there will be less weight to pull down the hairs that are going to a new side.

January 15th, 2010, 10:13 AM
I wish wish wish I could do this. I have tried several times. I have a severe part on my left side, pretty far left, too. I have never been able to tame it, not even when it is wet, plastered with goo and whatnot. It always humps up at the part (I guess it is a cowlick). I cannot wear bangs'fringe for this reason. I used to make my hair part down the middle (because this is what I really want!) but it always looked dumb and asymmetrical.
When I wear my hair in buns (which I usually do) it is parted and them combed back. No matter what I do, the right part of my hair falls further over my forehead than the left (because there is so much more hair on the right) and in the summer I have a hair tanline that I hate!
Back in the 80's (when big hair and teasing were the rave) I parted my hair on the other side to get the lift the cowlick gave me. I abhor big hair now (on me). It looks really dumb on me.

I like to do two braids or two buns and it would be so much easier if my hair parted in the middle.

:::Longing for middle parting hair:::

January 15th, 2010, 10:34 AM
I change my part regularly. I started doing it after I realized that it makes my scalp look less greasy so I can stretch my washes a bit more. :o I can do a center or left side part with no problems at all. A right side part occasionally gives a bit of resistance but it's still doable.

January 15th, 2010, 01:27 PM
I have a natural middle part that I kept through most of my teenage years. It was pretty well trained, but I did manage to get rid of it. Now, I change my part every time I wash my hair. I think it's good for my scalp, and for the areas around the parts (I think the area right around the part, if kept the same all the time, eventually becomes thinner).

To start, I would move my part half-an-inch or so off center after a wash, and keep combing or clipping it in to place. I'd alternate from one side to the other every wash. I slowly increased the amount of "off center" each week (I'd stop when my scalp started to hurt, which it used to do if I would even pull my hair straight back! My part was well established). After a while, it no longer hurt to part my hair any which way, and I can pull it straight back whenever I want without any scalp complaints.

I don't part very far to either side still, just because I've got fluffy temple "wings" and my hairline looks really lousy if I expose that section much.

Generally, my part after the shower now will go whichever way I had it parted last (I don't do middle parts anymore, I don't feel they suit my features as well), but I can easily change the part.

January 15th, 2010, 01:36 PM
Yes, I do this all the time! I vary my part from the side (usually left) to the center on a regular basis. Occasionally I notice that I get broken hairs from getting caught in my glasses, and I try to give my hair a break (if you'll pardon the pun) by changing the part.

January 15th, 2010, 01:38 PM
When I was a little girl, my hair naturally parted on the right. When I got older, I started parting it in the middle and did that until last year when I went back to parting it on the right. When I did, my husband commented on how he never liked the middle part on me (it only took him over thirty years to tell me that!).

During the day, I often flip my hair to the other side so my "part" (not actually a formal part) is on the left. Parting on the left gives my hair a little lift in the front. Parting on the right shows off my silver streak. I'm more comfortable parting my hair on the right, but when I flip it to the other side, it keeps the hair out of my face better.

So the short answer to your questions is Yes. ;)

January 15th, 2010, 01:41 PM
Yes, my hair used to part naturally in the centre, but I part it on the right now. I think it just takes a little bit of "training" for hair to settle into a totally different parting.

Sara Smile
January 15th, 2010, 02:04 PM
I have a natural middle part that I kept through most of my teenage years. It was pretty well trained, but I did manage to get rid of it. Now, I change my part every time I wash my hair. I think it's good for my scalp, and for the areas around the parts (I think the area right around the part, if kept the same all the time, eventually becomes thinner).

I also change my part once a week, when I do a full wash. For years I parted it in the middle, and I think it started to thin there. For a few years I brushed it straight back and it would fall into a messy part, and now I part it far on one side and then far on the other side when I wash it. I like side parts. :)

Tap Dancer
January 15th, 2010, 02:30 PM
I wore a middle part until I was about 15. Then I switched it to the right side and that's where I still keep it. I don't have problems with breakage or widening.

January 15th, 2010, 03:03 PM
I've parted my hair on one side or another, as well as in the center, each for a long time. These days, I don't really part it purposely very often unless I'm doing something like a pair of braids. My hair does have a natural part, which goes from near the center and then DIAGONALLY across the top of my head to end on one side in the back. This really doesn't show up strongly except for some not-overly-strong cowlick stuff, unless my hair is greasy, and then it just looks like scalp cleavage in the back.

January 15th, 2010, 04:45 PM
I do it every couple months. All I do is before my shower, brush my hair really well, and using a rat tail comb, I put my part where I want it. It stands up funky and weird, and refuses to lay down, so I hop in the shower, and soak my hair so that the part is stuck. When I get out of the shower, my part stays, but has a little bit more volume than usual (which is why I like it). My part has changed from far right, to far left, and everywhere in-between. Naturally, it falls slightly right of center.

The only problem I have now is that I have bangs that are not cut blunt, so when I change my part, my bangs tend to be a little funny looking. When my bangs even out, I'll be all set. As for layers, I have some. It doesn't bother me at all to change my part with them.

January 15th, 2010, 08:57 PM
I've moved my part a few times...currently it is mostly straight back, although there is a indistinct part near the middle that can be moved easily.

However, when it was from a side part to the middle part (and back), it would be burning pain and ferocious headaches for days afterwards, although the hair would settle fairly fast. If I couldn't deal with the pain, I could move the part back within a day or so and everything would calm down.

January 16th, 2010, 06:42 PM
I change mine every few years as well, what ever Im in the bood for, lol

January 16th, 2010, 07:27 PM
As a child my hair was parted in the middle, with blunt cut bangs.

As a teen, I parted my hair on my left, no bangs (most of the time).

Now I vary between these two partings, depending on my mood.

I *can* part my hair on my right, but usually end up with no part because I forget and inadvertantly stroke my hair back as though it were parted on the other side... duh. Also, my hair seems thinner on my right side, and parting on my right makes that show up more.

January 16th, 2010, 07:40 PM
I was cotnemplating changing my parting from one side to the other. However I tryed to do it and I realised I would get a whole bunch of layers on one side. And perhaps some of you know how much I hate layers. I would do it to disguise a cowlick. It would make it look like a prolonged parting. However for now I don't think I will do it. But has anyone ever done it and how did it go?

I did. I used to part my hair in the middle. Whenever someone would part in on the side, I would cringe because I was not used to the look. I loved it on other people, but I felt I look too "ugly" that way.

Once I started my journey of natural curls, I realized parting my hair in the middle made me look "odd" in the sense that it added to the triangle look.

I do not have cowlicks so I am no help there. I had to encourage myself with the side part because for some reason I felt I was being judged.

Anyway, I have layers too and I was able to become comfortable with the look I chose. Yes, this makes the layers lay more to one side but I think it gives my hair personality.

I wish you the best.

January 16th, 2010, 07:56 PM
My hair used to only part in the center. Recently I started parting it on the left (when wet!) and now it pretty much stays there.

January 17th, 2010, 12:46 PM
I tryed changing it just for fun and now my hair wants to be parted that way lol. I guess I do have a natural part but I decided to accept my cowlick since I have seen worse and it is kind of liberating to accept it and not go into another battle with layers. When I wash my hair my cowlick isn't visible (proof-signature photos) so maybe I will do it in a couple of years when I decide to cut an inch off anyway.

January 17th, 2010, 12:56 PM
I changed my parting about a year ago! :) It was in the middle for all of my life, and then I got my fringe cut by my sister in law... so therefore it wasn't professional, It was parted into a side part whilst wet and being cut, I wasn't told how to keep it there etc, it was great the first day and then it slowly got all messy and flew back to it's middle parting again... so I kept it like that for a few months, letting my bangs/fringe disappear. Pretty disappointing for me, I didn't really bother though. :D

Later that year, I got my fringe cut again and I wanted to keep my bangs really badly, so I just kept my bangs pinned at the ends to my head with bobby pins everyday after washing. That worked really well because when I took the bobby pins out after a week or even less... the parting stayed! :) And then I maintained that by combing my fringe whilst it was wet in the position I wanted. Thank god it was that simple! :D

January 17th, 2010, 05:37 PM
I used to have a stubborn center part from braiding my hair when it was wet.

to get rid of it, I would blow-dry it all to each side after showering, and upside down. I got all kinds of awesome volume and it just picks a side on its own if it even has a part that day at all.
Now I don't blow-dry anymore, I just brush it all back and fingercomb it occasionally, and I get the same result.

January 17th, 2010, 08:34 PM
I wish I could i have a cow lick which makes it impossible, my natural part is just off centre so I stick to that when its down. When my hair is bunned more often than not I just smooth it back.

January 17th, 2010, 10:19 PM
I moved a left side parting to almost the centre (but still on the left). It was difficult, and took quite a while to get it to take, and I really wouldn't want to change it again. OTOH, I think a parting that is way off centre is difficult to cope with when you have long hair, so for me it was part of growing my hair out.

When I was growing my hair out from a short cut (I never had less than an inch or two of hair, perish the thought) I had comments from my family comparing me with Veronica Lake. She was an old film startlet who had long(ish) hair with a side parting that made her hair fall across her face, and used the catch phrase "I vant to be alone" (not sure what the accent was about). Bear in mind here that I'm a guy. Obviously this was a tactic to make me feel ridiculous and cut my hair, but it didn't work!

That said, I notice some women look quite attractive with a low parting in long hair, and even some guys who look definitely non-ridiculous like that, but personally I think I would find it irritating on me, even if this is probably what I have been conditioned to think.

January 17th, 2010, 10:41 PM
I change mine daily, why be limited? It's such an easy way to give your hair a different look, even if you've done nothing else to it.

January 17th, 2010, 10:54 PM
Ever since i was little, i have kept it on the right side of my head, then a year ago, I started to pin up the center section of my hair regularly, now, just 3 months ago, i have a center part

January 17th, 2010, 10:58 PM
My hair completely fights any part that's anywhere away from the left side. I've tried parting it on the right and then smoothing with some water or product, but it never stays.

January 17th, 2010, 11:06 PM
I used to always wear a middle part and changed it to the right side, which looks better in my opinion. I didn't have a hard time, I just changed it one day when I got out of the shower, and there wasn't a fight at all :)

January 17th, 2010, 11:15 PM
I changed my part about 20 years ago. I don't remember it being too difficult.

January 18th, 2010, 01:02 PM
I used to have a middle part. My sister gave me some pointers on hair styling and told me to part it on the side. I did (easier when wet) and I loved it. I'll never go back, lol.

January 18th, 2010, 01:03 PM
I changed my parting from the right side to the left. It just never really looked right on the right. To me, anyway.