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December 21st, 2009, 10:20 PM
I had really short hair and I have been growing my hair for a year (it was chin length now its nearly past my shoulders). I have hennaed and oiled it to keep my ends strong but I still see split ends. Should I trim? When I trim I feel as though I'm cutting off my growth.. :( I guess I should trim..right? It's the quality that matters~ right?:(

December 21st, 2009, 10:24 PM
How about just a Search and Destroy?

December 21st, 2009, 10:28 PM
Yes I'm sure you can wait a little bit more :)

December 21st, 2009, 10:38 PM
Use the 2-week rule; if you still want to get a small trim after 2 weeks, go for it.

Personally, I have been growing for 9 months (a little above shoulder to a little past APL) and I am getting a one inch trim this month to get rid of some splits and damage. My original plan was to cut off half my growth, though, so I'm doing pretty well.

December 21st, 2009, 11:23 PM
In my opinion, quality over quantity prevails. I see no harm in trimming if improves the overall appearance and condition/feel of your hair - and if you keep the trim small it really won't impact your overall length too much. If anything, ridding yourself of split ends will only make growing longer easier, as the damaged bits won't be constantly snagging on each other.

Pear Martini
December 21st, 2009, 11:36 PM
I would do a Search and Destroy. Take your time with it and use a sharp scissors.

December 22nd, 2009, 09:27 AM
I get mine trimmed about every 3-4 months, but it's more to keep shape than to control split ends. I get split ends on shorter hairs in the length more than I get them on the ends of the longest hairs. Sometimes I S&D, but mostly I concentrate on taking good care of my hair in order to prevent new split ends.