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December 18th, 2009, 08:25 AM
One of the best things I gained from this site a while back was the idea of getting a shower filter. I don't see it come up too often anymore, but a few years ago it was a hot topic. I picked one up and loved the results, but due to laziness and moving, had been without one for some time. Just went to home store yesterday and spent 20 bucks on a simple chlorine filter. When I took my shower I instantly remembered just how much better it is with a filter! I believe that there's no way to really find a perfect routine, accurately gague a product or get a consistent result from any product without a shower filter. That's a robust claim of course, and I'm sure not trying to wax scientific here - I'm just saying from my experience. Wash your hair w/your favorite poo in unfiltered water, then next time wash with that same shampoo using a shower filter - the feel of the hair is different, softer. I remember from having one before that I hardly ever needed to do ACV. Last night I didnt even use conditioner which for someone with hair like mine is almost taboo:)

Also another tidbit that helps more than you would think is sleeping in a silk or satin nightcap. If you are one of the many dealing with dry hair that wont lay right, split ends, etc - try these 2 items. The difference for me at least is noticeable almost right away.
Anyway just passing along some thoughts to the new folks out there since these havent come in up in a bit :)

December 18th, 2009, 08:43 AM
I got a shower filter a little over a year ago after seeing Dr. Oz talk about how filtering your water improved hair health. I too noticed an immediate softening of my hair and a little less frizz. I have promised myself that I will never be without a shower filter ever again.