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December 16th, 2009, 12:08 PM
I have been having a heck of a time finding a shampoo. I dont want to use SLS because it makes me greasy and I cant use anything with citric acid because it makes me itch. That pretty much leaves out....EVERYTHING... on the market anyway. Baking soda is ok but I know its harsh and I dont want to use it all of the time. CO doesnt work too well, I get gunky and also with shampoo bars.

I just ordered more aritha and shakai powder so I want to experiemnt with mixing those and using them some more. My last aritha wash went ok but I do miss some suds.

After looking through a natural products book I have I found a recipe that combined Dr. Bonners, some oil and an herbal infusion. I also saw one that mixed Dr. Bronners and juice. I thought that might be a good idea to offset the alkalinity but then again citrus doesnt sit too well with my scalp.

So I came up with a concoction that seemed to work ok at the moment, but so far just one use to tell. I mixed 3 oz Dr Bronners with about 6 ounces catnip solution. I added a little bit of grapeseed oil, a few drops of tea tree and lavender and a dab of aloe. I threw in a tsp of powdered aritha for good measure. It seemed to work pretty well. I might cut back on the Bronners a good bit though. It lathered ALOT and I dont want it to get gunky.

December 16th, 2009, 12:18 PM
My hair hates Dr. Bronner's! Even with a vinegar rinse. Which is weird because my hair loves good bar soaps - but for some reason my hair hates Dr. Bronner's bar soap too...

Hope this works well. The aritha might actually help the Dr. B's not leave the gunky feeling!

BTW - you can wash with just aritha... but it can be drying...