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December 14th, 2009, 01:41 PM
I posted this on the newbie board, but realized that I am really seeking the support and advice of the experts! So, if y'all don't mind, I'll state my dilemma here, as well.

I am returning to the forum after being busy with other things for a year or two.

In some ways, I'm very happy with my hair. It looks shiny. It is long enough for me to put up if I want to. I have finally learned that what I thought were funny quirks about my hair are really waves and that there are tricks for working with waves and not fighting them. (I need to become more adept at that, though.)

However, despite the pluses, I am feeling a bit blue at the moment. My hair is very fine -- baby fine, to be exact. Even though it has always been baby fine in texture, it used to be thick in quantity. Over the years, I have lost some of that thickness, but, until recently, I had not lost enough for the situation to be drastic.

Now, I am beginning to be concerned. When my hair is freshly washed, it looks fine. When it needs washing, however, more of my scalp shows. My scalp looks pinkish. I have had an autoimmune hypothyroid condition for a long time, but that has suddenly gotten a lot worse in the last year. I am under treatment for it. Both the treament and the disease can cause hair loss. My doctor suggested that I consult a dermatologist. But, I asked my father's dermatologist about it, and she said that there's not much they can do for thyroid related hair loss. She hasn't actually looked at my scalp yet.

After a while of pretty good growth, my nails seem weaker, as well. I doubt if it's a nutritional deficiency, as I do take vitamins.

I think my ponytail diameter has shrunk a little since I last posted on the board. That may be because I used to measure it myself, but lately have been getting my husband to measure it for me. Perhaps, his measurement is more accurate. But, I used to consider myself to be ii in volume and now my ponytail diameter is only 1 5/8!

Does anyone have any suggestions? Has anyone ever increased their ponytail volume?

December 14th, 2009, 01:51 PM
Are you sure it's the diameter or the circumference that is 1 5/8 inches? If it's the diameter then your circumference puts you squarely in the iii category. The circumference, if it's 1 5/8 inches, then it would be around the i category which is a large difference.

As for increasing volume some people have had success with monistat, but mostly it's about taking as best care you can of both your hair and your body. Seeing the dermatologist might be a good idea, especially if there would be something to consider by an in-person examination versus a short question/answer. Thankfully you are in treatment for the medical condition you have and hopefully that leads to improvement of your situation!

I hope others have some more advice to give. I'm wishing you well!