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December 7th, 2009, 10:34 AM
When I first joined LHC I could make a decent lazy wrap bun, and it's been my favorite updo for benign neglect when health problems prevent me from holding my arms up any longer. I'll often leave one in for days at a time (since I don't go out in public I can get away with this). Well, the "tail" sticking out of the top of the bun has grown longer and longer, until the lazy wrap bun results in a mass of curls sticking straight out of the back. :lol: and now the curls have been flopping over from their weight, so it's become more of a "lazy wrap side ponytail".

Then last night as I was doing my hair for bed I realized that it was just too long for a lazy wrap to keep it out of my way anymore. So I fully double-wrapped it. :joy:And now it's all contained again!

Since I don't measure my hair, not even with pictures, these little surprises are really fun. :)

December 7th, 2009, 10:38 AM
Wow! Nice milestone! :)

They are fun, huh... :D

December 7th, 2009, 10:44 AM
Length surprises are always fun to find. :D Congrats on yours!