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November 11th, 2009, 06:20 AM
Hi this is going to be a pretty long post about my hairloss and what I've tried and what works.

I first noticed my hairline receding 2-3 years ago ever since I went on and off birth control. Since then I have stopped taking birth control. When my receded hairline did not grow back, I began taking all the necessary vitamins for hairloss. I also oiled my hair, used rogaine etc. I did notice some improvements. But when things started improving, it seemed to stop at there or worsened. So I kept trying new different vitamins and my hairloss seemed to improved and then worsened again.

This year I'm still battling the hairloss/receding hairline improving and the worsening situation. Recently I noticed I was becoming really tired during the day and coupled with the hairloss problem, I decided to see the doctor to test my thyroid. The doc said my levels were normal but I posted my results at a thyroid community, they said it was quite high. So I began taking kelp. It did improve. But then the same thing happened. My hairline is receding again and the hair at the back of my scalp is getting sparse. What is going on? I've really tried everything possible and when it seems to be working. It just stops and worsens. Please help.

Right now Im taking
vit b 100 complex
msm 1000mg
biotin 5mg
l cysteine 500mg (I read this is really good for hair and I belive this made my eyebrows darker)
kelp 150mcg
omega 3 6 9
vit c 1000mg

Im using nizoral twice a week because I have weird bumps/pimples on my scalp
I use rogaine at night
I also use monistat occasionally.

November 11th, 2009, 10:24 AM
Hi faeriedust,

I am so sorry. I understand how it feels when your hair starts to fall/recede and when no matter what you do, it doesn't work. I went through a bout of illness myself and the antibiotics and medicines wrecked havoc on my hair. Which brings me to the point that you probably are taking way too many pills. Have these been prescribed to you?

I have no official knowledge, but I do read a lot about hair care and come from a family that believes a lot in and have studied Ayurveda. My first advice to you would be that you stop using shampoo and switch to soap nut (you will find this in Indian grocery stores or can even order it online). Soaked overnight, boiled and strained, it works like and better than shampoo.

I have also used the following for hair loss and have seen immediate results:
Fenugreek seeds, soaked, ground and applied to scalp for 15 mins before rinsing
I dunno where you might find this, but fresh cows milk, straight from the udder applied to the hair and scalp and washed after 30 mins shows a marked difference in hair fall.
One capsule of primrose oil everyday
Include lots of vitamin C in your diet
Curry leaves are also said to be good for the hair. Apart from using them for seasoning, I also blend them in a lot of the pastes I use in my cooking
Sometime back there was this post on LHC of a paste for hair growth. I tried it and I swear my hair has grown dramatically. Here is the link to the thread - http://forums.longhaircommunity.com/showthread.php?t=9505&highlight=arugula+rubbing+alcoholI hope this helps.

November 11th, 2009, 10:39 AM
You may want to read about hormone balancing supplements too. I've had great overall health improvement from taking them. Read about them and see if they may help you.
Phytoestrogens- http://www.vitacost.com/NSI-PhytoEstrogen-Ultra

I noticed that when I stopped taking the DIM, I had some major shedding. Coming off bcp can have a big impact on your health...and your hair. My DH take the DIM as well and he says he's noticed some extra hair. He shaves it anyway but...

Another one you can look at is Saw Palmetto. I haven't tried this one and it may be hit or miss.
Whatever you try, maybe do them one at a time so you can see if an individual thing is working.