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September 6th, 2009, 03:30 PM
This gets brought up every so often by the motorcyclist/bikers/horse riders around here, so I thought I'd share my latest attempt. I ride a motorcycle, and as you know, a proper fitting helmet fits snug. Snug enough that a bun just won't fit, and even something like a crown braid is uncomfortable. I've usually just french-braided my hair and let the tail hang down, but the wind picks it up and flops it around and flips it over my shoulder. It would be annoying even not considering the damage. Tucking it under my jacket is an option as long as I'm actually wearing a jacket, which I wasn't today.

I was at the Ren Fest a couple of weeks ago and among my impulse purchases (all Ren Fest purchases are impulse, if I think about it I'll talk myself out of it.:D) was a snood. It turns out that a snood is a great solution to the "what to do with the hair" issue. I pinned it on with 3 plastic Good Days pins which are flat enough not to be felt under the helmet, and my helmet itself was snug enough to keep the snood firmly in place.

It worked great! My hair stayed out of my face and didn't tangle! I think this'll be my go-to solution when riding, I'll just need to be prepared with some smart-alec comebacks for the comments from our bike group. (I love 'em all, but ya gotta learn to give as good as you get when you hang out with these guys)

September 6th, 2009, 09:01 PM
I am glad you found something that worked.
I tried a snood once, and my hair rubbed the snood and tangled into a matt. I think it just didn't work with my particular hair texture!