View Full Version : shower water softener - adds salt - should I care?

September 3rd, 2009, 01:46 PM

I went ahead and splurged on a shower head water softener - a true softener, NOT a filter. I have a filter already; but my water is super hard and I think that's a bigger problem than the chlorine, etc. that the filter removes. But, as a softener, what I get in place of the minerals is sodium.. and the harder my water is (it's pretty hard), the more sodium I will get on my head/hair.

So, my question is - how 'bad' is that likely to be? I mean, I know sea salt is really nasty for the hair, but I'll be nowhere near those levels. Should I do distilled water rinses after? I do them now, after my hard water washes, but they don't truly help enough :( I'm wondering if sodium rinses out easier than, say, the Calcium and Magnesium in hard water.. I have no idea. Anyone?

And.. anyone wanna buy my mildly used showerhead filter with a new in box filter? ;)