View Full Version : Important question about uneven lengths of the frontal hair sides (i'm a guy)

September 1st, 2009, 03:36 PM
For me it's the first time I've ever let my hair grow out...Right now, the frontal hair (the one that falls on the face), as you know, it's two sided, and the left one is quite longer than the other one, but the thing that annoys me, is that the shorter side is also very different in...how can I call it...volume? It isn't lined up and nicely falling on the face as the other side, it has many sorta empty spaces and places where it looks real thin...And I don't know what to do really...Right now, the left side is a little below the end of my nose, and the other one is getting close to the end of the nose...And I think I would regret too much if I'd go back to scratch again just to let both sides be even...What do you people think? Will it ever get more lined and similar to the other side? Will more growth ever change the way it looks? It's all because I had to take a slight cut to it when I had it way shorter and it didn't look well...now I regret it...
Plus, I can't tell if it's a natural thingy or breakage/split ends...that side of the hair has a couple of strands that go sorta wavy, unlike the other side....and it looks out of place...I don't know what to do...Shall I just let it grow naturally, no trims, and see what happens or try to do some trimming? Sorry for making such a long post, but it's really bugging me out....Thanks...

September 1st, 2009, 04:01 PM
No problem.

As near as I've been able to determine, it's pretty normal for hair to be thicker on one side of the head. The hair on my left side is a bit thicker, and I notice it when I do two braids, though a casual observer might not. It's really common to have a wavier or curlier section on one side, too.

I doubt it's particularly unusual for hair on one side to grow a bit faster than the other. I haven't noticed that effect with my hair, but I've seen a user here with very long hair in two braids and one was considerably shorter than the other.

If it bothers you, you might want to occasionally trim your hair to get it all evened out. Most people do have some hairs that grow faster than others, so ends get thinner and more uneven over time, and trimming helps get the lengths more even again. Be cautious of hair dressers, though, who often want to take off more hair than you want removed; if you find someone who does what you ask for, keep going back to them! Otherwise, go buy a pair of hair scissors (usually found with hair styling stuff at stores like Walmart) and use them only for hair. You can even up the parts that bother you, trim as you feel necessary, and use them to cut split ends. There are instructions for how to trim your own hair that many of us use.

September 1st, 2009, 04:31 PM
I think it's probably just your growth pattern to grow differently on the differnt areas. If you started from scratch, the same would likely result. I cut my husband's hair, and it grows more on the left than the right, and gains length quicker on the sides than the front or back.

September 1st, 2009, 04:35 PM
I have a little cowlick on my left side by my ear. It makes the hair that grows in the 'sideburn' by the ear curly on that side, while it's straight on the other side. So yes, I think it's common to have wavy spots and straight spots. You could try using something like aloe vera gel (or hair gel) to push back some of the hair that bothers you until it starts growing out better.