View Full Version : growing out hair colour

August 31st, 2009, 03:21 PM
I've been here less than a month but the day before i joined teh community i dyed my hair. well i can already see roots and omg...
My natural hair colour i've always thought was this nasty ashy brown that looked horrible but when it catches teh sun just right it kinda shines a lil gold?

Well my hair is burgundy at the moment... what does everyone else do when they are growing out their colour?
Just let it grow or wait till its so long and match up the colour...? cause thats what my mum wants me to do... :/

I'm at a loss of what i should do.

and yea sorry its a stupid question i know i just dont want to look like a dork my senior year.... oh... and i still have to take the dreaded senior pictures still..