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August 24th, 2009, 01:41 PM
There was a request for a blue mohawk :D I have discovered 2 things...

1- Kool aid doesn't get blue enough, I'll have to get him some manic panic

2- gel is not strong enough to spike it, I'll have to get him some wax

Here's my cute little punky boy :D

http://i723.photobucket.com/albums/ww235/MandyTFM/mohawk002.jpg http://i723.photobucket.com/albums/ww235/MandyTFM/mohawk003.jpg http://i723.photobucket.com/albums/ww235/MandyTFM/mohawk004.jpg

needs a little tidying up yet, but he loves it :D

August 24th, 2009, 01:45 PM
That is SOOOO cute!

August 24th, 2009, 01:55 PM
He looks ace :D :cool:

August 24th, 2009, 01:57 PM
He is absolutely, positively adorable.

August 24th, 2009, 02:00 PM
I like it!!! :blossom: He looks so handsome and cool.

August 24th, 2009, 02:00 PM
Awww! Looks like my nephew except he doesn't have his hawk blue and is quite a bit younger!

And yes, manic panic should work fine. If he doesn't want to use wax(or you don't) diluted elmers glue is a good option and washes out with water. Plus, what little boy doesn't want to put glue into his hair! XD

August 24th, 2009, 02:03 PM
That is so cute! Your son looks awesome! As soon as the story gets out, I bet you're going to be the most popular mom at his school ;)

August 24th, 2009, 02:23 PM
He is absolutely, positively adorable.

Better not tell him that, apparently he's too OLD to be cute :lol: (I disagree but whatever lol)

I like it!!! :blossom: He looks so handsome and cool.

He might like that more :D

That is so cute! Your son looks awesome! As soon as the story gets out, I bet you're going to be the most popular mom at his school ;)

:D Well, we homeschool so I'm already the class favourite :rollin: but thank you :D

August 24th, 2009, 02:28 PM
How cute! Your soon looks great :D

August 24th, 2009, 02:34 PM
Awww, I love it! I gave one of my friends a blue mohawk once. I actually like Manic Panic's atomic turquoise the best. It seems to work the best out of the "blue" colors on non bleached hair (and is really vibrant on bleached hair!)

Madame J
August 24th, 2009, 02:40 PM
My friend in high school used to have a 6+" mohawk, which he dyed various colors (pink and blue were favorites). He used hairspray to get it to stand up very tall. The choir director even put him in the back/top row of risers so he could have "freedom of hair" during concerts.

My sister's ex-boyfriend used gelatin to spike his hair.

Hope that improves hawk-age -- he rawks the hawk already.

Wind Dragon
August 24th, 2009, 02:52 PM
Too cool. Our school district still has a prohibition against "distracting" hair styles and colors (which they occasionally rescind but only for spirit days, so nothing permanent can sneak in.)

My eldest finally got himself into alternative school (different school district back then) by showing up the first day with a blue mohawk, and leaving with a two-fingered salute when he was told not to come back until he'd gotten rid of it. If he'd know that was all it took . . . :lol:

August 24th, 2009, 02:56 PM
What an awesome mom you are! :) He looks great!

August 24th, 2009, 03:07 PM
I love it! :rockerdud: He looks adorable!

August 24th, 2009, 03:08 PM
Thanks :D I'm of the mindset if it's not life threatening or morally threatening and it will grow back...let 'em have a blast :D

August 24th, 2009, 04:30 PM
That looks so fun!!! Tell him I said it ROCKS! :)

August 24th, 2009, 04:55 PM
Ahhh! and he looks so happy with it too :) good job!

Heavenly Locks
August 24th, 2009, 07:32 PM
Wahoo! That looks really awesome. Make sure to update us when you get the blue just right and get it standing all the way up! How long is it?

August 24th, 2009, 07:51 PM
Hes a cutie! I have heard of people dying hair with kool-aid and was wondering how it would turn out. If it doesn't work on his light colored hair I have a hard time believing it would work on anything else. Very cool

August 24th, 2009, 08:31 PM
So cute, I love it!

August 24th, 2009, 08:44 PM
I want you as my mother! :lol: I was 15 when I first dyed my hair. My mother was a meanie. :(

ETA: His hair looks awesome!

August 24th, 2009, 08:47 PM
I used to spike my hair out in different directions, and found Joico's Ice product range to be really good. I think I used some hairspray from that line. Not sure if they still make it, but if they do - that stuff held incredibly well.

August 24th, 2009, 10:36 PM
I like how happy he looks with it :) Seems hes bottling some excitement for the photos though :P Adorable :)

Te Atawhai
August 24th, 2009, 11:07 PM
We used to use ordinary bath soap to make our mohawks stand when I was in high school. You just moisten your hands and rub the soap through your hands as if you are washing them, until it is thick, white and creamy. It will be really sticky. then just rub it up into shape. Stands, once dry for ever!!! (Well all day anyway). Watch out for rain.

August 25th, 2009, 02:17 AM
Excellent. :D

August 25th, 2009, 04:29 AM
He looks so handsome in that hairstyle, LOVE IT :)

August 25th, 2009, 06:29 AM
That's so awesome!!! hee hee hee! He looks so adorable!!! Totally Punk!

August 25th, 2009, 07:17 AM
That is adorable:)

August 25th, 2009, 07:44 AM
heheheh :D thanks for sharing!

August 25th, 2009, 10:00 AM
I think it looks great. Love the long hair mohawk. My grandson first had his hair colored blue when he was 5. His Mom used Spiker Colorz wash out. She bought it at Great Clips where she has his hair cut. My daughter believes like I do... it will grow out, wash out, and there are more important things in life to fight with your kid about. I think it is healthy to let your kids express themselves with creative hair styles. I did... and they both grew up to be law abiding citizens. Body piercing and tattoo's were where I drew the line. Anything that would leave a permanent mark on their body had to wait until they were old enough to commit to it themselves. That's not to say I don't approve of piercings and tats, I have a few of my own. I just think you need to be making your own adult decisions before committing to those.

Choose your battles :p
Ok... I'll get off my soapbox now, next... :thudpile:

August 25th, 2009, 10:05 AM
Way cool, the blue will match better, I think.