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August 21st, 2009, 03:08 PM
Would my hair be long enough by chance to do a sock bun? even if it was a smaller one?
I love the look of a good sock bun and i dont want to mess up a perfectly good sock in my sad attempt at one.
also are there any other hair styles i might be able to try besides half up half down, poney tail and french braids? :/
heres some pictures to help.


Now i took this a few weeks back and all of my hair can fit up in the poney tail except for a few whisps so its grown a little.
In this pic i didnt have all of it up on purpose cause i just had my falls in just before this picture and most of it but not all of it could.
This is it down the picture was taken at a slightly higher angle since i had to take it myself. but it gives a general idea.

Thanks if any one can help.

August 21st, 2009, 03:21 PM
Hmm maybe if you try an infants sock, with a regular one I think your hair is still a bit too short.

August 21st, 2009, 03:26 PM
I don't think so. The majority of your hair needs to be able to come out of the center of the sock and then wrap over it and be held by a scunchie (or something). It looks like you need another inch or two. But you could just hang onto the sock and try it every couple months till it works!

August 21st, 2009, 03:29 PM
thanks. ;) i didnt figure it was yet. but soon though. -crosses fingers-

August 21st, 2009, 04:10 PM
My hair is thick and almost APL and I can just barely do a sock bun with a small ankle style sock. I think an infant sock might work...
As far as other hairstyles go, I'm not sure if you have many options yet. You could do pig tails.

August 21st, 2009, 05:44 PM
Yeah, I honestly don't think your hair is long enough yet.
I was thinking of trying a sock bun on my little sister's hair (she's my very willing hair style try-out person), and it didn't seem to be enough hair to do with a regular sock (she's at about APL). I didn't try an infants sock or anything, though.

August 21st, 2009, 06:45 PM
I don't think you'll have much success. I can't do it with my current length (see avatar). What makes it more difficult is the fact I have layering in the last inch. Looks like you have some layering as well.

I cut my sock really small and that didn't work either. Guess we'll have to wait a little longer!

Good luck to you !

August 21st, 2009, 07:08 PM
thanks again. I did try it. ( found a sock my sis left of my 1 year old niece) D: yea got a quite a bit. a good solve though!

I can just tuck it over without a sock o anything and have the same look but its just a tiny lil thing sittin there on its own. its pretty cute I'll have to post a picture soon. ;)

to raven: yes i have lots of layers since i had it cut 4 inches from the scalp all along the back.

thanks again everyone. I guess my question was pretty stupid now that i think about it.. :/

August 21st, 2009, 07:44 PM
I don't understand why people can't do them? My hair is not much longer than yours, it's very layered, and I can do sock buns. I love them! I just use a plain old stocking and I didn't stuff it. I think I'm at 16 inches now. (I think.)

August 21st, 2009, 09:28 PM
Hi! I have hair the same length as yours and I always wear a sock bun! Instead of a sock I use a big really thick elastic as a replacement for the sock, then once I put that over my pony tail I stick my finger in the center to make the whole and place the hair down around it against my scalp, then slip another elastic over top to hold it and voila! sock bun!

August 21st, 2009, 09:29 PM
Like so http://i115.photobucket.com/albums/n296/addie2525/Photo641.jpg mine is messy with pieces sticking out but i like it like this at this length, but u could fit all ur hair in the elastic im sure.

August 21st, 2009, 09:42 PM
oh cool thanks! ^_^ i will try that its so cute.

So i also acctually combed my hair back this time and not wearing it in my normal messy poney tail and made an acctuall sockbun normal though smallish ( i wear thin socks and used only some of the sock (probably too little sice i only have ankle or knee highs and i cut about 4-5 stripes in) and i got mine up in a sock bun. it has a few lil hang outsand doesnt cover the entire sock( but i have darkish hair and used a black trouser sock so it works) but its still cute.

August 21st, 2009, 09:50 PM
I can do a sock bunat my length and it actually looks shorter than yours. Pretty close to your length though. I have layering as well and a few pieces may stray but I just pin them back in place.

August 22nd, 2009, 12:38 AM
Awww your sock bun is soo cute Maddy25

August 22nd, 2009, 06:41 AM
you might be a little while off still, but you can always try

August 22nd, 2009, 09:12 AM
I am at the same lenght right now. I tried a sock bun today for the first time. I am SOOO CLOSE! I had too many layers sticking out.

2-3 more months and I will be there. Good luck to you, too!

June 29th, 2012, 04:43 PM
It will surely happen!