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April 13th, 2008, 12:38 PM
Hello all! It's great to be back at TLHC after that long break when there was a technical snag with the website. So anyway, just before the boards went down, I had been ranting about how I was shedding. The shedding did stop, and my hair did grow back, but once that happened, what I noticed was that I seem to have less hair on the front, top and sides of my head than at the back. In fact, even if I comb my hair back, my hair doesn't entirely cover the scalp. I'm actually able to see the scalp through the hair. But from the crown of my head and downwards, I seem to have regained thickness. Do any of you know of a way I can make my hair grow back again on the top and sides? I use a protein shampoo twice a week. I condition only the ends of my hair since I've noticed more of a shed when I condition the rest of my hair. I give myself a deep conditioning treatment with olive oil the night before a wash. Is there anything I might need to change in my routine ? TIA.

April 13th, 2008, 01:55 PM
I was offline when you joined so didn't manage to get on LHC hardly at all. So i don't remember your shedding posts.
Did you or do you now know the cause of the massive shed? I had that due to illness and have a similar situation to what you describe, the hairline has an even shorter terminal length and there's a patch right at the front that looks a bit "scalpy"
After hairloss it can take a long time for the hair to grow back in once it starts. I know with Telogen Effluvium which is quite a common form of hairloss after say....being ill, the shedding tends to happen roughly 3 months after the event and then can take 6-12 months to START to regrow once the underlying cause is fixed. So unfortunately it's not a quick process and definately tests patience!

I'd say do a bit of reading through the threads on here....there are a few about hairloss and regrowth. Some focus on herbs, like Indian herbs, some on essential oils....there is a recipe over on the natural forum on that, also things to consider might be scalp massage, scalp brushing, diet, supplements....oh there's loads! lol

One thing i will say, i have found i tend to shed much more when i use conditioner compared to sticking to herb washing and i THINK a couple of other people have noticed the same thing.