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July 23rd, 2009, 11:44 PM
Hi! I'm new, though I've been lurking for a bit. I've been growing my hair out for a while, but I just finally got the last colored/damaged ends cut off and am ready to start growing in earnest! I'm at APLish now, aiming for TBL.

I've always sort of had an issue with my hair long, though, which is what led me to color it in the first place (I thought I could grow it long colored - silly me). My overall hair color is best described as "dark blonde," but the individual hairs have very little colour - they're a nearly-transparent gold-tinted shade of blonde. They're medium/coarse and pencil straight though, so the overall effect is rather dark most of the time when they're all lined up smooth and close together. If I get nice braid waves or pin curls (or on the very rare occasions that I used to heat style), light catches the back sides of some of the hairs and gives a lovely overall pale golden effect - I'm about the only person I've ever known who can change the colour of her hair drastically by curling it.

Anyway, I like the pale golden effect and don't particularly like the darker look. And the dark look is even worse when my hair is damp, slicked tightly against my head, or (God forbid) slightly oily; it turns very dark (but not a nice brunette-type dark - I have very little actual color in my hair - it's more of a vaguely-greenish dark yellow color like you get if you're using a computer paint program, start with yellow, and reduce the brightness. I can't stand it.) So I used to color with a color almost exactly identical to my natural one; the primary effect was to opacify the hair a little bit so it retained its golden appearance in an updo or ponytail. But that damaged the hair, I couldn't tolerate the split ends, and so I've been slowly trimming off the colored section for almost 2 years now.

So my questions are: a) does anyone else have transparent hair like this, and b) how do I put up with not liking the color when it's up, when I want to keep it up most of the time to protect it, or is there a way to make this type of hair look nice up other than in a very loose French braid, which tends to fall out?

July 24th, 2009, 01:21 AM
Huh. That's very interesting! I've never heard of hair like that... Well.

You could try to ignore it, and hope the color grows on you. (It sounds like you don't like this option. ;) )

You could try to find updos that are a bit puffy, so the darkening effect isn't as noticable. (Or poof up non-puffy updos.)

You could wear scarves, headbands, or other accessories, to either hide your hair or lend it a more appealing color. Some things would do double duty-- they look nice and protect your hair from the sun, wind , friction, etc.)

You could dye it. Have you tried using a non-damaging dye? (I think they're called deposit only... don't take my word on that though.)

There are a few herbs that can give color without damaging hair (henna, amla, cassia, etc.) but I think they tend to be transparent. If you are sure you want a change, you could try a very light henna gloss to tint the hair-- just enough that the dark mode has a hint of warmth to it instead of being that odd green color. Do research first though-- henna is permanent.

THere are a few brands of nondamaging vegetable dyes in natural shades... I can't remember the names of any right now though. :/ They'll come up if you hang around the forums long enough.

There are also peroxide-free, vegetable based (mostly) FX dyes... Manic Panic comes to mind. I don't think their rainbow colors are really what you want, but I think they carry some 'natural' shades as well.


July 24th, 2009, 03:54 AM
Welcome, and congrats for growing out your color.

Your hair color sounds similar to mine. I have dark blond hair, but if I don't wash it for even one day it gets darker from natural oil build-up. I had a cashier say to me once, "Your hair is lighter at the ends," because the ends were dryer and the roots were oilier.

I, like you, find that my hair is blonder if it is freshly washed or washed and blow-dried. I have to either have blonder hair and wash it everyday (which is mostly not recommended in this community because it dries the hair out), or have darker hair and wash it every few days. It's a compromise. My avatar picture shows my hair freshly washed and blow-dried.