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July 20th, 2009, 07:56 AM
When I first started LHC my scalp seemed so oily but then I got off SLS shampoos and cones and was able to go 2 to 3 days without a wash which seemed like a miracle for me. So fast forward over a year and somewhere along the line I got tired and wanted to simplify things and still had some shampoo laying around and went back to using it but diluted it.

All of a sudden after about 2 weeks of this I realized how really oily my scalp was. I couldnt even go a day anymore! Then it hit me....DOH! SLS was drying out my scalp and making me overproduce oil. I forgot what I learned when I first got on LHC. So there you have it. It is true for me at least.

Its so hard to find a simple shampoo solution that works any length of time! Now I am back to DW but in a couple of weeks that will build up and get gunky and I will have to clarity shampoo, CO gives me buildup quickly, but then I cant keep shampooing because that will get oily. Maybe AO or a non SLS shampoo would do it. Im still on the lookout for the perfect combo. Maybe it just doesnt exist!

July 20th, 2009, 08:03 AM
Maybe you just haven't found the right conditioner yet? I've noticed that some conditioners seem to cause more build up than others. Don't think I have found the perfect CO conditioner yet, I need to clarify once a month. But it is still so much better than using shampoo of any sort.

July 20th, 2009, 08:37 AM
What does DW mean? It's not the list of acronyms I have.

Have you tried natural-soap shampoo bars? I got the same result (less oily) after being on shampoo bars for a couple of months.

October 31st, 2009, 01:57 PM
After posting this initial thread, you would think I would have learned not to use SLS, but somewhere along the way I got lazy again ( I still have some around) and started back on the SLS shampoo and once again here I am a big grease ball after only a day. Once again I am swearing off SLS. I need a 12 step program for SLS!

I have been keeping it around to clarify but I think I will just use baking soda to do that from now on. Once I get on the SLS I just seem to slip into using it again.

DW= Dairy Whip in initial post

October 31st, 2009, 02:00 PM
Have you tried shampoo bars or any herbal washing methods?

November 3rd, 2009, 07:27 AM
I do occasionally use my shampoo bars. I have a ton of them from when I got on a kick to try them, but they make my hair too gunky and I get buildup and thats when I use SLS to get the buildup off and end up falling back into the SLS habit until I realize Im greasy and then I bounce back to shampoo bars until Im gunky. Its a vicious cycle. I tried catnip and soapnuts but wasnt happy with the results. It didnt seem to clean as well as I would like. I LOVED Burts Bees but the citric acid in the shampoo made me too itchy. That is the other problem, vinegar rinses, lemon and citric acid make my scalp itch like crazy. CO only is ok for an occasional wash but still gets too weighed down and greasy for me.

Dairy whip and baking soda mixed together is pretty good but I worry about the baking soda doing damage and also I have to check up again on the availability of the Dairy Whip now. I only have one more container left and last time I checked the thread there had been a fire there or something. I may have to break down and fork out the money to try Aubreay Organics. I dont know if they have citric acid in their shampoo or not. Im at a loss right now and looking for options. I want to look into some homemade recipes again also. I could also try some other conditioners for CO. So far I have only tried VO5.

November 3rd, 2009, 01:35 PM
What about alternating the 'poo bars with CO and Diary Whip, and then if you get build-up doing a BS/ACV wash? It sounds like your scalp needs gentle washing methods, but that your hair gets build-up easily, so alternating your products regularly and getting rid of build-up when necessary seems to be what you need.