View Full Version : Patch Testing

July 9th, 2009, 11:05 PM
Hi all :). I was wondering do you all find it sufficent to do a patch test on your inner arm before trying something new or do you need to do a scalp test too? Im terrified of shedding becasue of how much ive lost int he past few months, i seem to have slowed it down but it makes me leary of experimenting with new ingredients. I just mixed up some "tea" with alma, shikakai, aritha, and hibiscus to use for a wash. I just finished the patch test on my arm (put the unfiltered sludge on for 10 minutes then rinsed) and am waiting too see how it goes.

I know these herbs are supposed to help with shedding but im still nervous. Do you think the arm test is enough or should i try a bit on the back of my scalp before preceding? Normally i would just do it but im exausted and doing that will add 20 minutes to my shower my the time i apply, wait, rinse, and wait again.

Also other than itching and redness is there anything i should watch for? The hibiscus stained my arm pink lol so redness is out and so far no itching or swelling (i generally have prety prompt reaction). I think i will wait an hour or two more and see just in case.

So back to the inital question (can you tell im exausted?) is a patch test on the arm good enough to judge the potential for shed? Seeing that if it casues irritation it will probably casue some degree of hair loss right? So if there is no irritation its probably ok?