View Full Version : Cutting Advice and Losing Hair

June 30th, 2009, 05:59 AM
Hi Everyone

So I posted on Live Journal awhile ago for advice about growing my hair despite chlorine problems (I'm a swim teacher). I've since become pedantic about keeping my hair out of the water as much as possible and I'm combing not brushing plus coconut oil on the ends (occassional deep oiling but it's not really necessary for me I find). I've always "molted" a lot, so does my mother and sister. I am however finding I seem to be losing hair a lot more lately, almost all are lost from the root not breakage. Could it be that I'm just noticing it more due to combing not brushing?

I've also begun dusting my hair and wow I have sooo many split ends! It seems I dust for over an hour and think I've gotten them all and then later or the next day I'm finding more. The ends of my hair are very dry and damaged from the chlorine. They appear almost blonde but I believe it's actually loss of pigment rather than bleaching it blonde as I thought before.

So my question is do I cut off a few inches to get back to healthy hair, despite the fact that I'll be teaching until atleast this time next year and so still exposing my hair to chlorine. Or just continue dusting and wait till it's longer and then cut it. I really want to keep the length but if the ends are unhealthy can it effect how well it grows. Is that right? Last time I grew my hair it was out of ignorance not on purpose lol

My avatar (if it's worked) is my starting photo on a long journey to waist and possibly classic if I don't terminate earlier (I've been waist before). If it doesn't work I've got about 20 inches, so just below my shoulders.

Any advice is appreciated :)