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June 9th, 2009, 08:42 PM
Hi! I use a soft scrunchie everyday on my hair and I usually do the cinnamon bun updo...do you all ever get breakage from constantly wearing your hair up? I read somewhere that people were concerned about doing their hair the same way everyday and thus leading to breakage...
What are your thoughts?
Thank you

June 9th, 2009, 09:34 PM
I wear my hair in a scrunchie bun all the time because it's not yet long enough to put into hairsticks. Once it's long enough for that, then I'll stop with the scrunchies.:)

I do get quite a bit of long strands in my scrunchie once I take it out. But my hair is damaged anyway.

June 10th, 2009, 04:50 AM
The issue is wearing your hair in the same place every day, it needs to be moved around, low on the nape one day, high the next, double buns the next. Get the idea? Wearing it the exact same way every day is what could cause damage as you have pressure on the hair in the same place daily. Took me years to figure this out! Smile!

June 10th, 2009, 06:22 AM
Not only that, but trapped hairs could also be shed hairs. Even if I just wear a loose bun/ponytail, I get hairs stuck in there. xD;

Gothic Lolita
June 10th, 2009, 06:48 AM
I also wear a cinnamin bun almost daily, because it's the only thing that I can do quickly. I notice some damage from it and plan to learn some new updos.... If my hair wasn't so thick it would be easier, but some thinkg just won't work yet, there isn't enough length.

June 10th, 2009, 06:54 AM
soft scrunchie everyday on my hair and I usually do the cinnamon bun updo.
i had a great deal of problems getting a layer to grow out because of this up-do (layer due to hormonal hair loss) and since i quit doing this up-do my layer has grown past that stand-still it once was , thank goodness.
exploring new up-dos is fun anyway !

June 10th, 2009, 06:57 AM
Also make sure your updo's aren't too tight.
If your roots hurts by the end of the day (used to have this all the time when my mom did my ponytails, it freakin hurts!) your bun was wrapped/twisted/coiled too tightly

It's better to redo your bun/ponytail during the day than to find 10 extra hairs in your comb.

June 10th, 2009, 07:47 AM
I do that with my hair all the time. Mostly before bed. I haven't noticed any damage, but that is because I don't put the bun in the same place. I usually will put it up high, in the middle, and down low at the nape. I twist my buns very loosely and make sure it's not pulling my hair. It's a quick easy style for me, and really handy when you don't have any clips or hair sticks around.

June 10th, 2009, 08:03 AM
I was just wondering about this same thing in my blog. I've started to notice that when I bun (as I usually do daily), that there are shorter, wispy pieces that don't get caught in the bun and hang down. I'm not sure if it's breakage or just new growth. Arctic posted a way for me to figure out which they are so I'm going to investigate that, but I am also looking to learn some different styles so I'm not doing the same one almost every day. I wish I weren't so hairstyle-challenged. :rolleyes:

ETA: I love that picture of Bella Swan, abritta!

June 10th, 2009, 08:05 AM
I am starting to wonder if there is a non-damaging updo for my hair! Here are the things I won't do any more because I perceive them to be damaging to my hair (from the ripping sounds and/or torn hairs):

- Hair sticks
- Scrunchies
- Ficcare (yes after spending $38 on it :()
- bobby pins
- Any twisty updo (the twisting is torture on my hair and causes a ton of breakage)
- French braid attempts

A loose, floppy English braid works ok and I do that most evenings, with a little oil spritzt into it. It doesn't work well for the office though, looks-wise.

Otherwise a loose pretzel bun works, held with 6 or 7 teeny tiny claw clips (or whatever those things are...they look like little crabs). This works because the little clips help distribute the pressure over the bunned part more evenly so the tension isn't all tugging in one place like it does with the ficcare.

And the business about not pulling hairs out - I have not yet figured out how to do that because if the updo is loose in one area and tighter in another so that it'll stay 'up', it pulls like hell on my scalp and that's just not a pain I want to walk around with all day. I'm seriously thinking of just going back to washing every day and wearing it down all the time.

June 10th, 2009, 01:02 PM
Hi MsBubbles - do you mind if I join your thread because I am in exactly the same position? I have loads of split ends, and I am sure breakage in the centre as the centre hair is so much shorter than the sides. Yesterday I decided to chop off 2 inches to try and even it up. Of course 2 inches for me is a lot because my hair doesn't seem to grow very much. I have been on here for three years and still not gained any real length. The only thing which has improved for me is that the static has now gone. Horrayy!

I wear my hair up not because I feel it protects, on the contrary, I wear it up because that is the only way it can look good. I am wondering whether I should just give up on the idea of trying to grow it longer because when it grows those two extra inches I shall have to just cut it off again because the hair looks horrible.

I know some fine haired people are able to grow their hair very long, but even as a child I was never able to grow very long hair, not even to the waist. And when I was a child I only washed it once a week and nothing else was done to it - so I probably treated it more gently then.

Now I have changed shampoos (still looking for my preferred one). I have use a spray instead of the usual hairsprays from shops. I never use heat drying on my hair.

I can only assume it is from the updos I do. And the front of the hair has really got a lot of split ends, some very short hairs as well, I take it to be from slides I have been using.

I am okay with French braids, don't feel they are the cause.

But really wanted to start a thread about asking for gentle updos.

Hope you don't mind me posting here MsBubbles because I have the same problem :)