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April 8th, 2008, 02:33 AM

I know there are heaps of updos and styles on the board but I wondered if anyone might want to join me in consolidating some for BSL hair here?

If you don't think this will float then by all means tell me :o

I'm not terribly adventurous with my styling, but there are two styles I use frequently - one I used to think was called a chignon, but now I'm not so sure; and one that's kind of... grecian.

Okay, the first one. (Please bear with me, I'm not very good at explaining things like this and I don't have a camera!).

Smooth my hair back as though to make a ponytail, but off-centre (for the purposes of this explanation, to the right).
Holding the base of the "side tail", loop the hair so that the ends are also held in the hand. The ends should be on the side of the tail towards the centre of the head (to the left)
Fold the hair to create the pleat against the head and secure the hair with lots of pins!That's the first terrible explanation out of the way... :blushing: Now for the grecian thing.

Start with hair behind the shoulders, hanging loose.
Take a small section of hair (about the width of a finger or two) and twist around your fingers.
Slide off of fingers. "Smoosh" the loop flat against the head and secure with one or two pins.
Repeat with all the hair, arranging the smooshed loops so that the overall shape is round on the back of your head.
Looks lovely with a few loose strands to soften the style.Good grief, if ANY of you can make sense of my apalling descriptions you are truly gifted!

My BF has a camera and I'll get him to snap me sometime so I can post pics of these styles.

April 8th, 2008, 05:39 AM
The Grecian style sounds pretty, I hope you can get a pic for us?

My hair is just brushing BS, I usually have it up in a peacock twist, tucked french braid, or a high cinnabun. I am not very imaginative when it comes to my hair. I will be trying your Grecian style, though!

April 8th, 2008, 06:23 AM
I'm at BS, and so far have only done a few styles. I usually do a cinnabun with hair sticks. I just bought an octopus clip that will just BARELY hold my iii hair in a bun, and am wearing that today with a peacock twist (but I have the ends folded down and held by the clip as well).

I tried a french braid, but with my layers, it doesn't seem to be working. The same happens with an english braid. My hair isn't liking braids at the moment, which I know is because of the layers, because when my hair was this length before (with no layers), I wore it in a braid most of the time.

Yesterday, I did a sort of figure-8. I didn't have enough wraps for the full 8, so I guess I got a figure-9? I held that with some of the Goody's pins, and while it loosened up some during the day, it held pretty well.

April 8th, 2008, 06:35 AM
I do something like your Grecian 'do and call it my 'messy' do - right now I am wearing it with a headband (great for layers/bangs).

Braided coronets work well for dirty hair. My hair is long enough that the braids both cross and the style suits me really well.

I am having trouble getting half-ups to work since my hair has gotten thicker.

The pompadoured front 'do, or some kind of retro thing with my waves scrunched to the max, is another favorite 'do - I prefer to wear my hair down as much as possible.

April 10th, 2008, 02:39 AM
Bumping this thread up because my lack of updos is really getting to me. Since I don't like buns, I have not bothered to practice any of them in a while. Most coiled buns look like a small, long doorknob sticking out from the back of my large round head, and only a twisted or tucked half-bun thing works.

here's what I can successfully do on my hair:

Hair down, bangs down - wavy or straight (sig pic)
Hair down, bangs up - wavy or straight
French twist-ish thing with bangs up or down
Messy updo/Grecian do
Messy updo/Grecian do with headband
Coronet braids (two upside down French braids pinned along the crown of my head)
Two side braids (what I always thought of as "Heidi braids")
A French braid (I don't do this much, as my nape hairs don't stay).

I would like to be able to find some more updos that I can put up and take down quickly, that stay sleek and smooth (this is a big issue for my hair) and don't ruin it for wearing down. Lately, if I twist into something like the Grecian 'do, my ends get all kinked and weird when I take it down. I like to be able to vary my hairdos and wear it up one day and down the next, but it's hard. Advice?

I'd love to hear from other BSL finies, wavies, or fine wavies!


Ohio Sky
April 10th, 2008, 04:15 PM
What a great idea for a thread! I know many members with BSL or shorter hair (including me!) Have posted asking for help with updos.

My new favorite is a sock bun.
Take a rolled up sock and pull all of your hair through it.
lean your head forward, and spread the hair down all around the sock.
Put a hairtie around the base of the sock and the hair you just put around the sock.
Twist or braid whats left sticking out and wrap around, or just let it stay down.

This is a versatile do, because you can do a half up, braid or twist the bottom half to wrap around, decorate with sticks, clips or forks, and it is very secure.

I also like the french twist, but Im much lazier than most and just use a jaw clip. Not really frenchy anymore :o

A figure 8 is great for BSL, too, but if your hair hair is too short or the wrong thickness to do this, I found an alternate method:
Seperate the hair into 2 strands approximately equal on the sides of the head.
Pull one strand as close to the center of your head as you can.
Place a stick in the center of your head next to the strand of hair.
Twist the hair and wrap across the stick, over and behind the top of the stick, and back across it just like a normal figure 8.
Secure in place if necessary.
Take the other strand of hair and do the same, but twist around and behind the bottom of the stick, then back across and clip into place.

Im not sure if those make sense or not, Ive never really tried to explain updoes before :o

April 10th, 2008, 05:50 PM
Great idea for a thread. I have no contributions, but I will be watching this thread with interest. I usually do a boring braid or a boring cinnabun held with a hairstick. :)