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April 14th, 2009, 12:32 PM
Hi - I am a dirty dishwater blonde and have highlights. My hairdresser each time askes me if I want a partial weave or a full weave. I've always said full because I thought I wanted lots and lots of blonde.

I'm naturally curly though and want to have my curly hair to have depth. Meaning my natural color be the base with the blonde highlights - more of a chunky look?

If my hair is and all over color (the blonde) then the curls don't show up as well.

Soooo should I be asking more for a partial weave? What is that exactly? Would I have less roots because my natural hair is showing more through?

Of course I can ask my hairdresser but wanted to ask some experts in hair! You!

Thanks! Jennifer

April 14th, 2009, 02:51 PM
As far as I know, a partial weave is just the crown area of the head, and a full weave is all over. So, with a partial, you get less highlights, but it should still end up with a similar effect. :D

April 15th, 2009, 09:57 PM
A partial weave will be easier on your hair because there will be less chemical involved.

You can do a full weave but ask your stylist to make the highlights more chunky or more spread out.
You can also ask your stylist to do a full weave but with less highlights than on top. Oftentimes, they will do more on the top layers and near your hairline to give your hair the illusion of a lighter all-over color.

If you feel like your hair has become too light or lacking in color variation, especially on the bottom layers, ask them for some lowlights to bring more depth. They can do highlights and lowlights at the same time, so that you will touch up your roots for areas you want to keep blonde and getting a little more definition in other areas. They can use more than one color. Then you can go from there with a more partial highlight if you like the look.

You won't have less roots on top if you continue to highlight heavily, but they will probably be less noticeable with slices of color closer to your natural.

A good stylist will take time to talk to you about your likes and dislikes! I hope you find the color you are looking for! :)

April 16th, 2009, 04:52 AM
I had a similar problem, so what I do is get a few colours put through, and explain the effect that I want. At the moment, I have dark red and brown put through, because my hair was going too blond. But one look I liked was to have two dark colours put through and have some 'flashes' of blond put through randomly. A good hairdresser will know how to do this effectively in the right places, eg put it at the temples for instance.

I find the best thing to do is to take a lot of time talking this through with the hairdresser - I'm paying over a £100, so I want the right result!!!

I do the same with a trim - I say I want half an inch, and then I laugh at myself a bit, and hold up thumb and finger to *show* the amount I want off, so there is no misunderstanding...it's worked out really well so far. I have just found they do prefer you saying exactly what you want, so they can say why it will or won't work.

Good luck

PS I always have a half head of highlights - the full head just does the underneath bits, and I'm not bothered about those; I'd rather leave natural.