View Full Version : Long hair sighting in Richmond BC

April 10th, 2009, 11:01 AM
Someone on another board PM'd me (there, not here) and asked me about long hair. He and his wife spotted someone with calf-length blonde hair and were curious about the care and information for hair that length, so I explained some basics since I have the same length hair. He replied with this:

"Out of curiosity, you might ask if any of your long-haired forum friends went into the Save-On-Foods at Ironwood Plaza in Richmond BC last night. Not that I want to contact her, but just to see if there is a connection."

I was even trying to remember who lived in that area with hair that length but my mind was drawing a blank. Again, it's not like we're wanting to contact her, just curious how much of a "small world" we really live in :)

Was this anyone here? You can always PM me if you don't want to say openly since it is a specific location.

Best wishes!