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March 24th, 2009, 12:18 AM
My sweetie decided to try CO washing his hair because its too fly away for his tastes after he shampoos. He tried only shampooing once a week but his hair gets so greasy that it looks soaking wet in that time and that, honestly, grosses me out.

The first go round he saturated his hair with super thick conditioner--the kind I use as my second conditioner. Not happy results because it doesn't rinse clean enough. Tonight he had me help him pick out conditioners for CO washes and asked why I recommended the Suave over brand x at the dollar store. They were the same price, but brand x had silicone oil (literally transcribed as it was on the label) in it. Since he tends to be oily anyhow, its got a good chance of not giving him the results he wants.

Yes, we are both sick and hacking up a lung, but he caught the hair care bug from me! Huzzah! One of these days soon I'll get a length pic on him. He's gone from buzz cut to curls touching his shoulders in a year and its glorious. :happydance:

March 24th, 2009, 12:36 AM
LOL yeah DH called me tonight when I was at the store and asked me to pick up some shampoo for him. I almost fainted! You have to understand just a few nights ago he was using my BBB and letting DD oil his hair and I asked what he was washing it with and he replied, "my bodywash why?" OMG

DH has super coarse, super curly hair that he generally keeps shaved or as short as possible. If he grows it out it grows up and does not fall down for at least 8-10 inches! His family is italian but most people think he is biracial.

So tonight I got him a good bottle of cone-free conditioner and small bottle of clarifying shampoo and his own BBB. :D I am evil. I explained about CO washing and encouraged him to try it for awhile with shampoos to clarify as needed. He loves the BBB and seems to be considering the rest. He definitely wants to be able to do something other than shave it off all the time :)

I hope you both feel better soon! It's much more fun to pass on the hair care bug then to get sick together. :)

March 25th, 2009, 08:56 PM
Teehee. His hair is getting really long now. Today when he was swimming and just emerging from the water, it was stretched out to about three inches past the nape of his neck and still had luscious waves despite being saturated with water. Imagine how nice it'll look when he starts taking care of it properly?! :cheese:

Helen Baq
March 25th, 2009, 09:37 PM
Woot! That's awesome!

My fiance has been slowly gaining interest in taking care of his hair. He's been growing it for a little while now, but not taking good care of it. I sat and combed it one night and he just loved the attention! Now he loves to have me comb his hair and asked me to show him how to take care of it! :cheese: