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March 28th, 2008, 10:00 PM
Hi everyone,

Iíve been a member for a while, but never really posted. Iím dying to ask a couple of newb questions, so am taking the plunge. (Hopefully itís okay to post questions as well as intros here.)

First, an intro: Iím a 35 year old girl/woman/chick/whatever from British Columbia, Canada. I work in law enforcement, and wonít post my name or too many other details for that reason. Please donít be offended. I have a really unusual name too, so Iím doubly scr*wed!

My hair is naturally 1a/1b//F//ii, but due to a perm about 9 months ago, itís more of a 2c/F/ii at the moment. Itís BSL, and my goal (subject to change) is waist/hip. I do CO washes 3 - 4 mornings a week, and do heavy oilings the night before a wash. The lower half of my hair is drier than Iíd like, but I havenít been really strict about the oilings until very recently, so hopefully that will improve.

Iím trying to get in the habit of keeping it up as much as possible, which is starting to get easier with the increasing length. (My hair is very slippery and hard to ďdo,Ē and I am not naturally talented at it, either. . . itís been a hard road.) I just figured out how to make a hairstick work, and am eagerly awaiting delivery of two carved wooden sticks I bought on eBay. If those work out, I will be heading to Etsy for some more shopping. The next frontier: forks!

Hereís what Iím dying to know, and havenít been able to find out via searching:

1) I bought a halfway decent BBB after hearing rave reviews here for smoothing etc. of fine straight hair. When I use it (even near my scalp, where there is no curl), it has the opposite effect on me. I end up looking like Einstein, and my hair is full of static electricity. Am I doing something wrong? Is my hair too fine/dry/flyaway/etc. for a BBB?

2) Nape hair. Sigh. Iím still resisting updos because Iím afraid I have too many short wispy bits on my neckline and it will look all ďhairyĒ and masculine. (Yes, I know that might sound ridiculous, but I never said I wasnít neurotic. . .) Anyway, how much is too much? If I do have too much, what can I do about it?

Any input is most welcome. Regardless of my day job, I am actually quite shy on a personal level, so getting up the guts to post has been hard.

March 28th, 2008, 10:49 PM
Hi Time4mercy, let me be the first in welcoming you out of your lurkdom! My husband is in law enforcement as well so I thoroughly understand your need for privacy, try not to worry as TLHC is a very understanding place to be and no one will force you give any personal information that you aren't willing to give- this is the internet after all and safety comes first.

Now on to your questions.

1. As far as the BBB goes, it just maybe that it's not for your hair. Sure it works for some type 1 and 2s, but not all. Don't be discouraged if it just so happens that it's not for you, but instead experiment with other ways of smoothing and detangling your hair such as using a different brush, various combs, or even finger combing. Maybe one our lovely straighties will stop in to put in their two cents.

2. It's great that you want to try updos, but remember that your hair is about your personal comfort levels. Try not to let your nape hair make you feel neurotic about it. It doesn't make you weird, we all just happen to have our own pet peeves and that happens to be yours. Instead try easing yourself into it by trying updos that sit low on the head where your nape hair can easily be tucked in, or try using various types of hair pins to pin it in place and keep it from being a distraction. Eventually, you may feel less paranoid about it, or like me, you'll just always make sure to have a spare bobby pin around just-in-case.

HTH and good luck,

March 29th, 2008, 12:00 AM
I second the idea of low/nape updos helping to hide those shorter hairs. I have a fair bit of breakage in that area due to a certain necklace, but I find that lower updos can still contain most of them.

And welcome out of lurkdom. :) :flowers:

March 29th, 2008, 05:40 AM
Hi time4mercy! Welcome to the boards.

March 29th, 2008, 06:05 AM
If you have trouble with static, don't use a brush at all! Just get a VERY wide toothed and smooth comb and stick with that almost all the time. Start combing from the bottom, and work up as you get the tangles out. If you massage your scalp well when you're washing it, a careful combing is all you will need. Seasonal changes can bring on static.

As for the nape fuzzies, I wouldn't worry about it. I think they look nice. :) (Truly)

Thank you for your service in your career. :flowers:

March 29th, 2008, 07:15 AM
Hi and welcome to the boards! I second that about not using the BBB.

Also, if you are oiling your hair that much, are you aware that oil can act like silicone, especially if applied to dry hair? Oil doesn't actually moisturize the hair, but if used on WET hair, it can help to seal in that moisture. And it's much easier to wash out than a silicone product.

I never had much luck with CO. I did, however, have tremendous response from CWC'ing the first six months after I found LHC.

Also, if you have hard water:
Are you aware that once your hair dries, that all the minerals from your water attach to your hair as the water evaporates? I do a final rinse with about 10 ounces of distilled water after every wash. I use distilled water in my homemade spritzer, which I apply to the ends while my hair is drying.

April 9th, 2008, 02:12 AM
Hi there

I have 2c/f/ii hair and my hair detests BBB. I also get the wild electric filled look along with additional damage.

For me my fingers, a horn or wooden comb, a Denman shower comb and a Denman D9 brush are all I use.

I would not worry about the nape fuzzies, my hair does that as well and it can actually enhance an updo.