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January 28th, 2009, 12:57 AM
I always wanted to do a picture thread, and now I finally feel like I have a reason to :p

After months of trying to figure out whether I wanted to cut my hair short again, I finally got my waist length hair cut back to APL. I loved my length but I wasn't happy with the 'layers' my friend had cut in last May so it was time to fix them by chopping off the crazy longest thin layer.

Here are some pictures of the journey, from thick hair to a crazy at home chop job to my APL cut today.

April 2008 I had nearly waistlength hair and was growing out layers.


In May 2008 my friend thought she'd give me... errr... 'layers' by separating the top half of my hair and chopping it back to ear length while leaving the rest.

This is what my hair looked like in June 2008. Please excuse the empty bottle of vodka in hand and the 'its 3am on a Sunday morning' facial expression.


In September of 2008, my hair was the longest it had ever been and the layers began to look like this:


A few days later I went to the hairdressers to get my first trim to fix the layers.



After the second trim in November 2008 I tried blunt bangs


And this is my hair as of half an hour ago.



I am happy with my hair right now. I still want to grow it, probably back to waist length, maybe even hip at the longest. I know this time around I'm going to get regular trims instead of going 18 months without seeing a hairdresser. I'm going to maintain layers instead of thinking I'm going to grow them out. I'm probably going to straighten my hair just as much as I did before, if not more, and I will probably try getting caramel and burgandy foils within the next couple of weeks. I'm not going to have the longest or healthiest hair on here. I'm not going to wash my hair with vinegar or try henna. However, I know that this is the hair that will make me happiest.

January 28th, 2009, 01:05 AM
Wow what a history!!!

You've been through a lot of styles, it's very interesting to see where you've been :) You have lovely hair, it's got a sheen to it.

January 28th, 2009, 02:21 AM
Whatever hair that makes you the happiest is the hair worth having!!!

January 28th, 2009, 05:05 AM
You have gorgeous hair! I had the style you have now when my hair was long the last time (before moving away from my beloved stylist).

Looks great. :)

January 28th, 2009, 06:34 AM
Goodness! You look stunning with any length and your hair looks lovely at any length too. Your layered hair looks about as thick as mine with no layers, so to me it looks awesome in all of those photos!

January 28th, 2009, 06:39 AM
You´re a very pretty girl, and any length will probably suit your face. I like you with sideswept bangs best, both then and now pictures.

January 28th, 2009, 01:13 PM
i personally like the second one from the top with the choppy layers.

good luck on your journey theirs alot of us APL card holders out there waiting to get to bsl or wait as well

January 28th, 2009, 07:19 PM
That is definitely a very interesting journey. I really like your hair with the choppy layers. I think it is really cool and different ;) . Anyway, I am really glad that you take the time to fully enjoy your hair and that your are happy with it. Happy growing!