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March 26th, 2008, 02:14 PM
I was wondering if anyone here has taken womentowomen.com's supplements. I've been trying to find a reliable source of supplements that can address supplemental nutritional needs and generally balance the body if there's any hormonal imbalance (my lab work shows normal, but the thinning on the crown -which hasn't regrown and may have even expanded a bit gets me thinking that this must be some imbalance that conventional tests don't catch). If anyone has taken them I'd greatly appreciate to receive feedback before commiting to a two-month supplement program (they have a money back option but it's always better to hear from others who've tried it of course!)
thanks a million, in advance.

March 26th, 2008, 02:53 PM
hi swan! i have taken these vitamins for about a year and a half. i started taking them for adrenal exhaustion and kept taking them because i suspected i had subclinical hypothyroid (lab work was normal but i had all the symptoms and felt terrible). in the past couple of months, i haven't been taking them as religiously and have really noticed the difference so i just decided (today actually!) to go back to taking them. when i take them, my skin is clearer and less dry and my hair seems to be more manageable, smoother feeling, and less dry. for me, these benefits were really were just a bonus - the difference they made in my energy level and general feeling of wellness was unbelievable!! it took about two 1/2 months before i really saw a great change, but i think how fast you see results depends on how severe your imbalance is and, when i started, i was in a severe state of imbalance. don't know if they help grow hair, but based on the results i've seen with my hair and skin, i'd guess that they certainly help in that department, especially if your hair thinning is related to hormonal imbalance. the vitamins particularly helped me during stressful times or during transitions (moving, major career change, cold season etc). they are expensive but for me its worth it to not have to experiment with ever adjusting levels of thyroid meds, etc. and to see and feel so many benefits. they will turn your pee bright yellow and i have found that it is best to take them before you eat so that you don't get the fish oil burps :p overall, my experience with women to women has also been excellent - they have great customer service and are very knowledgeable and friendly. i hope that helps - best of luck! :D

March 26th, 2008, 03:14 PM
Thanks much a12345!
I really appreciate the feedback.
I spoke with one of their customer reps the other day and agree they were very nice and sounded like they knew what they were talking about.
I also have a full plate work wise and will definitely need that boost of energy --though I do think I'm doing pretty well with that as it is now. I'm just hoping that if by any chance my crown thinning is due to androgenic factors, this program would bring it to balance. I believe I'll just finish up my GNC ultr-nourishair vits and give their program a try (I just hate wasting what I have now at hand!)
Slight problem is that I'm sensative to fish oil, that is, my hair is. Strangely enough, that made my shedding a lot worse. That's why I stick to flax seed instead. So I hope I can skip that part of the package and still get optimum result.

March 28th, 2008, 05:01 AM
I also take them. It's my first month. I have some, how shall I say it, bowel changes that favor the tortoise rather than the hare, but I think they are good. They are expensive, but I kind of priced things out in my head, and they are not too much more than getting everything separately, and spending the time getting the balance just right.
Their support staff is very good, and I have seen changes so far. They said the bowel stuff is common and should resolve within 90 days.
I recommend them.

March 29th, 2008, 06:31 PM
thanks much Beesweet!
are you taking their herbal equilibrium as well? i placed an order today for a moderate assessment of my symptums and it does come with the herbal mix as well. also, they recommend 2 supplements a day but the vitamin dosage sound too high to me or at least for my weight 118LB. are you following their recommendation and taking 2 a day or have you adjusted it to your needs? thanks:)