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December 28th, 2008, 08:52 PM
so sorry I've been MIA! my daughter learned to walk and our pipes finally unfroze so I've been catching up on cleaning and in my spare time chasing my now 10m/o around. I've barely had any time on the computer and what time I've had have been spending on my avoiding pregnancy board trying to figure out my chart.

I've been wearing my hair bunned for the most part so it doesn't dry as much this winter (thanks for the rounabout advice!) It really works and my hair is already MUCH softer. I have been attempting french and dutch braiding...I managed to get to the nape once but didn't add enough hair each time so I had a lot of hair I hadn't added in yet so I undid it halfway and threw the rest into a bun. hopefully some day soon I will be able to manage it!

I'm so glad I found this forum..I am less obsessive than most but I'm already looking forward to keeping my hair healthy!

December 28th, 2008, 09:00 PM
Congratulations on your progress! I'm sure you will continue to find this forum a treasure trove of excellent hair care information. Not to mention, it's the friendliest place on the web! (I've been here for almost three years and I am still such a noob! :D )
Happy Growing!!!

:: (She sure uses alot of exclaimation points, doesn't she?!!?) ::

December 28th, 2008, 09:18 PM
thanks! haha! I use a LOT of exclamation points too!!! I just get so darn excited about chatting :)