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December 24th, 2008, 12:07 AM
Hey all!!! *waves*
I am wanting to put in about 3 or 4 bleached chunks in my hair. So i can use deposite only dyes on them ( i want purple hair...badly)
No keeping in mind this will only be sections.

Does bleaching sections interfere with the rest of the hair? Does it make it tangle up? Is it annoying? Any advice or not?

I've had bleached sections before and my hair was waist length, i didn't notice anything negative, until years later. I'm wondering as a long hair if there are negatives. I also used chemical dye 3 times OVER the bleach, that may be why my hair was so fried afterwards...

I did go and buy some white human hair extensions that should be arriving shortly so I'm going to play with them first...then i will consider bleaching my real hair (I'm chopping to APL/collar bone in January!)

December 24th, 2008, 12:20 AM
hi tiny teesha!

Bleaching does change the texture of your hair, making it more porous and less silky, but I wouldn't think you'd notice this to a drastic degree. Do you use 'cones? I found using a conditioner with 'cones when I had highlights helped keep the hair much smoother, although I never tried things like oils instead.

Dyeing with deposit-only dyes on top will probably smooth the cuticle of the hair shaft and protect those strands a bit more than leaving them with just the bleach.

HTH and Happy Holidays!

December 24th, 2008, 12:21 AM
Teesha after you bleach you can use deposit only color and it will work fine. It will also require quite a bit of maintenance to keep it looking nice. For example a bright purple will usually fade to an ugly lavender within several weeks and don't even get me started on how lovely green looks after a few weeks!

Bleaching damages hair causing tangles, breakage etc. So if you have several bleached sections I would assume that they would tangle and be generally not that healthy.

I know you're not asking for this but I am just going to throw my :twocents: in:

You are cutting your hair because of taper from bleach damage correct??

and your hair didn't handle bleach all that well and it caused damage... so why do you want to bleach again?

I guess it just saddens me because I know how hard you've been working to grow your hair and deal with the damage... bleaching again just seems like a step back. But I guess the nice thing about hair is that you can change it and it sounds like that's your prerogative right now. :flower:

December 24th, 2008, 03:38 AM
You might want to look at this thread:
Possible way to protect hair from conventional peroxide damage (http://forums.longhaircommunity.com/showthread.php?t=10495)
Basically saying that applying heavily coconut oil before bleaching/coloring with peroxide containing conventional dye would minimize the damage.

December 27th, 2008, 04:46 AM
melikai - right now i just got back on cones again...haha. I didn't know the deposit only would make it smoother! That is rad! :)
EvaSimone - i know i know... :( But before when i had bleach i also dyed on top 4 times with box dye- so i think that might be what made it worse!!! It won't be large sections. I was thinking a 2cm squared section of hair just above each ear, and one on top in the middle. MAYBE one at the back bottom of my neck (nape?) and that would be it!
You're right though....I'm trying to be all healthy with my hair. I tried so hard. I guess i'm half giving up because i want my hair thick and that will never happen! But i do remember seeing at least 2 members here with long hair and bleached streaks! Back in the day when it was bleach on virgin hair i don't remember them being in horrible condition and i never did masks. But i also only had them like that a month before i ruined them with multiple applications of box dye! So I'm not sure if with time they would become nasty and tangly!
I will play with my extensions before i do anything rash!
Heidi_234 - thank you! :)

I also have henna on the ends, so i will likely put the bleach in after i chop the henna off.

October 21st, 2009, 06:43 AM
Wow....Dec 08.
Well! Almost a year later...i never did it, but i did grow out a lot of the henna.
I want to do it. Still. And my hair is thin. So guess what?
I'm going to! (and i'm debating this summer to chop to collar or shave...it will be one!)

Any more advice anyone?

I've bought bleach and peroxide in 20 and 30vol. I'm going to do some strand tests tommorow with each and seeing which has the least damaging effect with the most accurate colour result i want. LOADS of testing and photos will be taken. I want to do this right!

This time however i'm going to start with a patch below my fringe (only would take me 6 months to a year to grow out!) so its an easy change and grow out with no worries! :)

October 21st, 2009, 06:51 AM
I would think about it a bit! I did this, and to lift my really dark hair colour, took a lot of bleach, a lot of processing time, and it fried the ends of my hair.


I did love the colour though :P

October 21st, 2009, 07:09 AM
i've thought about it for yearrrrrrs.
Plus i'm starting with one tiny section under my fringe. No time at all to out grow! :)
I've been dye free for 3 years after dyeing my hair about 6 times in the span of a few months (and previously being a dye virgin)
I think i'm ready for this little bit of fun finally! If there will be one thing i love my hair for...the purple!

October 21st, 2009, 07:21 AM
Then go ahead! Try it and have fun, you know what the consequences could be and your willing to take the risk.

Your growing your hair for you, and only you, and if you want to have fun with it you should. And purple looks fantastic, especially with your hair color (wouldn't want to try it with mine :))

October 21st, 2009, 08:14 AM
Oh i'm jsut wondering if there is any advice on making it less damaging really. I know i'll try the coconut method.
I also want to know if jsut bleaching sections will cause it to tangle with the healthy hair and potentially ruining more hair then just that section.

Also...is my hair going to be absolute hay? Or just a bit dry? Can a few masks or weekly mask cure that? Has anyone got soft bleached hair?

Is there anyone out there with bleaches streaks in punky colours out there? Any words of advice for me to carry this out as healthy as possible?

October 21st, 2009, 08:38 AM
tiny_teesha, when I had highlights (straight bleached sections) I found that it took a LOT for my hair to get/stay moisturized. I would do a lot of deep conditioners and be prepared for your hair to eat up moisture.

October 21st, 2009, 09:07 AM
I read it wrong. I was trying to figure out which beach you go to . . .

October 21st, 2009, 09:13 AM
I highlight my hair about twice a year... so that being said, I would have it done professionally, I don't think I would trust the over the counter stuff. Before you do it, heavy, heavy oil the night before.. and after the bleach is done, try something like SMT.

There are plenty of people on this forum who bleach their entire head and are managing to grow long beautiful hair (the bottle blond threads!), I haven't noticed ANY difference in the highlighted sections in the over all condition of my hair. It has not made it tangle more, it has not caused breakage, and the texture has not changed. I chemically dye with a high level lift to get the red color I have now, then I henna over top of that.. so even with all the processessing I have done to my hair, my stylist let me walk out of her salon without a trim for the past 6 months! It CAN be done, just baby your hair for a while and oils are your friend. :flower:

October 21st, 2009, 10:09 AM
Tiny teesha, you can definitely lighten and highlight your hair and still maintain relatively healthy hair. You will need to step it up with the moisture, so maybe you'll want to switch to a more moisturizing conditioner and also do some more oilings. Either coconut oil or olive oil have proven to each be very effective in helping to strengthen your hair.

You can definitely also deposit a color over a bleached section of hair. This is what I had done when I recently went to the salon to get highlights.


I wanted thick copper streaks, so I had my entire head foiled. After the bleached lightened my hair to the right base level of color, it was rinsed out(not washed out just rinsed out with water) and then I had a toner added to add in the exact shade of copper that I wanted.

October 21st, 2009, 11:57 AM
Wow....Dec 08.

I want to do it. Still. And my hair is thin. So guess what?
I'm going to! (and i'm debating this summer to chop to collar or shave...it will be one!)

Remember, you were my first hair inspiration here?:)

Five weeks ago I chopped my hair. I love it (after the initial shock). I feel better about myself than I ever did. Someone told me I was beautiful today. I don't know if I ever will grow it again but who knows.

I'm just trying to say really I identify with the desire to go short even after wanting long hair for a looooong time.
Good luck with the bleach.:grouphug:

October 21st, 2009, 12:15 PM
I have highlights done twice a year by my hairdresser and my hair has not changed at all, seriously.

I dont think id do this at home though it will knacker your hair up. Just my thoughts, nice to see you xx

October 22nd, 2009, 07:07 AM
amaiaisabella - Ok...so basically that patch of bleached hair will need to be smothered daily with leave in? Actually it's kind of ironic. My skin is EXTREMELY oily, by the end of the day my fringe is saturated in oil....so i can see it actually being quite happy! :)

Biggeorge- oh you are SOOOOO funny!!! *claps hands* I think....that you are so awesome and having you just comment on my thread makes me so proud! :)

Cherry Sprinkle- i think i need to really reiterate how TINY a patch i am bleaching. It would be aprox 2cm deep and 4 across-keeping in mind i have a widows peak so it IS smaller, and it would also be in my fringe, only 6 months to grow out completely! I guess your hair takes kindly to bleach AND you are an F/M! My fringe is coarse but under is finer so i'm worried if i ever like the purple and choose to put another stripe in down there. My test patches i just did turned out fine and the coconut oil pre treatment one is very strong. I'll make sure to keep on oiling as i do and every single wash i use a deep treament (coneless) - it really is a godsend!

ericthegreat - i think how i treat my hair now is pretty fabulous as i mentioned i do a deep mask every wash, so i don't think the bleach will have that much an impact. Your highlights turned out lovely! I am planning on putting purple in. I woudln't bleach if i didn't need to let the purple show, but i do sadly!

Toasstool- NO I DO NOT REMEMBER!?!?! Oh my! My very first fan! *hugs you*! Haha. Oh i'm glad you are liking your new cut! Oh if i believe i could pull it off i would be more than happy with it. Fact is, after all this care and effort, but hair is currently at it's THINNEST. Hence my distraughtness (is that a word?).

Thank you! :)

jojo- thank you. I have had foils done at a hair dresser and since it really is such a small patch (for the moment) i don't mind if i butcher it up. I've done a heap of practise on some hair balls. They seem quite strong still. So i think it would be quite safe to do on my hair. It's not even that expensive to have it done at the hair dresser.

Thanks for all your advice!

October 22nd, 2009, 07:33 AM
Leave-in, or some kind of deep conditioner when you do wash. Also, try to wash less often. My hair was actually the best-feeling/looking on the 3rd or 4th day :)

October 22nd, 2009, 07:42 AM
I'll do all 3! :)

October 22nd, 2009, 03:39 PM
Teesha - I had a long blonde streak in my hip length hair that I bleached HENNA out of, and even it was ok. Right after a wash when it was wet it tended to be very stretchy and tangly. I just left it alone until it was dry and it was fine!!! I tended to keep to itself - if it got really tangly when wet it would grab a few of the healthier hairs from nearby and involve them in its drama, but I could always untangle gently. I loved my streak. :) I even had it purple for a while! *goes to look for pic*

October 23rd, 2009, 12:37 AM
Awesome, well i'm just about to rinse the bleach off, i FINALLY did it! I'm so proud and excited!

October 23rd, 2009, 12:51 AM
Yay everything worked fine, i have a mask in and it feels like normal hair as far as i can tell, my test strands also don't seem any weaker at all from what i can tell! So YAY!
This works great! :)
I might stay blonde for a while then put the purple, but the purple is DARK so at least my hair will *hide* because i'm actually a bit shy of people noticing, the purple is barely noticable because its nearly black!
I like it, no regrets at all thus far! I coulllld have done a neater job but the area i put it any place i stuffed up is hidden!
Photos comming soon!

October 23rd, 2009, 01:43 AM
Toadstool- NO I DO NOT REMEMBER!?!?! Oh my! My very first fan! *hugs you*! Haha. Oh i'm glad you are liking your new cut! Oh if i believe i could pull it off i would be more than happy with it. Fact is, after all this care and effort, but hair is currently at it's THINNEST. Hence my distraughtness (is that a word?).

How could you forget your first fan???! LOL
Sorry you are distraught about your hair. Hopefully the bleach will make you happy with it again. It certainly has always made mine thicker, albeit in an unhealthy way;)

October 23rd, 2009, 07:48 AM
Can't wait to see pictures! I'm glad you're happy with your hair :)

October 24th, 2009, 10:20 PM

October 24th, 2009, 10:39 PM
toadstool- i'm so sorry! :(
Yeh i like it thus far!
check out my other thread (http://forums.longhaircommunity.com/showthread.php?t=35573) ( i know you know about it toadstool) but for those who may have stumbled on this and wanted photos and such. Plus the other thread is so funny!
amaiaisabella- thank you. :) pictures in the thread linked to right above.

October 24th, 2009, 10:44 PM

I love this purple plait! It's very distinctive, the whole process has really worked.

October 25th, 2009, 03:04 PM
Ooh, I like that! Looks shiny too.

I've just had a go using Manic Panic's Lie Locks on my highlighted hair. What strange force is afoot making LHC-ers reach for the purple?

October 25th, 2009, 08:02 PM
Unofficial rose- i noticed! it's a new trend eh? Well it is such a beautiful colour! ;)
Looks GREAT! :)

October 25th, 2009, 08:03 PM
Actually i'm totally creating a purple haired group! :P Or maybe i should say "unnatural coloured hair" group? What do you reckon, maybe it exists?

April 26th, 2012, 05:22 AM
Wow 3 years later, i grew it for a year, chopped it up into a pixie fringe, grew it and re-bleached. 3 times bleach = SPLITS. This time round my hair is suffering more. I'm thinking it is because i forgot one time to PRE COCONUT OIL before bleaching. Which means that coconut oil DOES to a difference. This year i've been more obsessed with a BLUE fringe though. It's majorly faded atm and totally annoying to re-dye but i still like it, and i like how blue or violet on blonde hair fades to a ash blonde/grey not green or some strange colour. I like it pastel and faded too!