View Full Version : 1.5 Years worth of rope braiding (my progress)

December 1st, 2008, 07:34 AM
Those of you who are missing my length shots, again no length shot, but I thought it fun to post my progress for a change. This will give you some idea. This is my just made one:
http://img222.imageshack.us/img222/8746/ropefi0.th.jpg (http://img222.imageshack.us/my.php?image=ropefi0.jpg)

And 1.5 years back in history:
http://img329.imageshack.us/img329/3379/ropebraidet4.th.jpg (http://img329.imageshack.us/my.php?image=ropebraidet4.jpg)

December 1st, 2008, 07:35 AM
Eadwine, beautiful! That's loads of growth!!!

December 1st, 2008, 07:42 AM

Mind, that is the same sweater I have on, I tend to like my clothes a LOT :lol:

The shorter haired one's braid IS tighter, I do have to give it that, but yeah, that definitely is quite some growth :)

December 1st, 2008, 07:42 AM
Pretty! And there is definite a lot of growth there, I'd love to see the comparison with your hair down. :) My rope braids never look that good, they always have bits sticking out.

December 1st, 2008, 07:46 AM
Very cool!! It's beautiful!

December 1st, 2008, 07:47 AM
Hehe with the hair down won't be for another 6 months. I have just decided to extend the "I ain't lookin' at my hair length in pictures" period with that.

Thanks you two!

December 1st, 2008, 07:49 AM
WoW! :thud:

That's one hell of a rope braid!

December 1st, 2008, 07:50 AM
Thanks but nahhh.. I have seen prettier ones ;)

(I cannot help but talk my hair down can I?)

December 1st, 2008, 07:52 AM
It's much better than the one I can make currently. Great pic by the way and congrats on the growth!

December 1st, 2008, 07:58 AM
Thanks! :)

December 1st, 2008, 08:11 AM
Your hair is very pretty and shiny. Is it just me or does it look thicker, too? :)

December 1st, 2008, 08:15 AM
Tres cool :)

I just did my first rope braid the other night on my dampish hair and just about passed out - I've never been able to do it, wet or dry, and it was soooooo cool. I'm looking forward to my blunt end days when I can do them *all the time*.

December 1st, 2008, 08:18 AM
Congratulations on such a beautiful rope braid, Eadwine, well done!:cheer:

December 1st, 2008, 09:08 AM
Thanks :D

It might be thicker.. I don't know. It is made less tightly, so that could also be it of course. :)

December 1st, 2008, 09:28 AM
Wow, that really is a beautiful braid.

Awesome growth!

December 1st, 2008, 10:01 AM
Thanks Peter :)

December 1st, 2008, 10:33 AM
Wow, look how much your hair has grown! It looks beautiful, eadwine. It is so shiny and smooth.

I can't make a decent rope braid. I'm jealous. :flower:

December 1st, 2008, 10:35 AM
That rope braid is very pretty eadwine!

Congrats on wonderful growth too!

December 1st, 2008, 10:55 AM
That's a beautiful rope braid, great growth!

December 1st, 2008, 11:03 AM
Thanks all :)

December 1st, 2008, 11:53 AM
Oh Eadwine, that is just beautiful. As an avid watcher of your hair growth journey, you never fail to surprise me with your beautiful hair. I eagely await your next length shot. Well done.

December 1st, 2008, 11:55 AM
Wow very pretty and shiny!! Great growing!

December 1st, 2008, 11:59 AM
Eadwine that is such an awesome growth. Lucky you. :thumbsup:

December 1st, 2008, 03:55 PM
Beautiful shiny braid!
The waiting to measure sure has paid off hasn't it, now you can see an overwhelming difference in length :):)

December 1st, 2008, 03:57 PM
Yeah, it sure is fun to see the difference of 1.5 years along in time!

I hope that the difference will show up in the true length shot 6 months from now :)

Thanks everyone!

December 1st, 2008, 06:11 PM
Tremendous rope braid envy going on here! You've had some fabulous growth!

December 1st, 2008, 07:00 PM
Very smooth and beautiful braid! Congratulations on your great progress!

December 1st, 2008, 08:05 PM
That's AWESOME!! Wow! That's amazing growth! You must be sooo happy :) And your hair is gorgeous. :D

Lady Lilya
December 1st, 2008, 09:21 PM
You make me want to do a rope braid! I guess I would have to straighten my hair first.

December 1st, 2008, 10:12 PM
Looking really good there!!! Congratualtions! (o:

December 1st, 2008, 10:58 PM
Beautiful rope braid Eadwine, it's so sleek and shiny!

December 2nd, 2008, 12:40 AM
*blushes* Thank you everyone! :D

December 2nd, 2008, 12:52 AM
Congratulations on your growth - it looks so long! :)

December 2nd, 2008, 01:01 AM
Marvelous!!! Thanks for sharing

December 2nd, 2008, 03:02 AM
Cool comparison pictures. :) (You know, I'm a sucker for a rope braid. :p ) Very nice progress!

December 2nd, 2008, 04:21 AM
Great length progress pics!!!

December 2nd, 2008, 04:42 AM
Wow, what wonderful growth!!! When we're watching our hair obsessively it seems to grow so slow - but contrasting pictures like that really show how much progress has truly been made. Your hair is just gorgeous, and I LOVE that warm caramel color you've cultivated!


December 2nd, 2008, 05:07 AM
Great progress! Nice way to measure your growth too. Congratulations :cheese:

December 2nd, 2008, 09:57 AM
Thanks everyone. Yeah this is definitely a motivator. Just grab an old picture and compare, you will not be disappointed.

And to note.. I used to trim every 6 weeks when I started growing, so that has also been taken into account for this one. Nowadays I have it trimmed once every three to four months or so.

December 2nd, 2008, 10:21 AM
Wow, your hair is looking great. Thats fantastic growth. Now where's a progress picture of your hair down.

December 2nd, 2008, 11:33 AM
Thanks! And read up ;)