View Full Version : Shop assistent forgot to give me my new sticks...

November 8th, 2008, 12:23 PM
I went shopping. I was actually looking for shoes and skirts. OK, I bought one skirt, but I also left as much money as the new skirt costs on hair toys ;)
At home, I unpacked all my new toys and wanted to go and try them all... And then I found out the shop assistant forgot to give me my new hair sticks :(. I payed for them... Somehow she put them on the side, put all smaller items in a bag, but not my sticks...
Unfortunately, it was too late when I found out, the shops is closed and will open again on Monday. I have to go to work on Monday, so I hope I will get them back Monday evening. I have no proof I did not get them, I can only rely on the lady's memory... I'll try to give them a call Monday morning so that they can put the sticks aside. They were two identic ones, slightly spiraled, black, with a few jewelery stones, very elegant (and not cheap) *sigh*
I was very lucky to find a lot of different hair toys today. The toys they have in there vary heavily, I knew that. So I thought I might take a look... I even found a plastic fakkare... I've never seen them here before.

I just wanted to tell someone who can understand me ;)

November 8th, 2008, 01:07 PM
I'm sure the salesperson noticed the sticks still sitting on the counter, so you should have no problem getting them. They might even have put them aside in case you come back. I know how disappointing it is to have something missing from a day of fun shopping. Let us know what happens. :)