View Full Version : Anyone use flaxseed gel to wash their hair?

May 5th, 2019, 12:30 AM
I've just started using flaxseed mucilage as my primary hair/scalp cleanser of choice. (Just the last couple washes.)
I love how easy it is to make, and how gentle and nourishing it feels. I want to continue using this as my primary method of cleansing, but I'm paranoid I'm going to run into an unforeseen issue.

If you have (or still do) use flaxseed gel to wash your hair, what else did/do you use on your hair?
Example: do you wash with flaxseed gel, then do a vinegar rinse?
Do you use regular conditioner?
Do you oil, and if so with what?
What problems did you come up against, and how did you solve them?
Or did you eventually change methods?
If so, why?

I'm a busy stay at home mom with 2 toddlers, so I need some help idiot-proofing this for myself, hahaha.

Thanks in advance!

May 5th, 2019, 01:50 AM
Interesting. I have bought a bag of flaxseeds to try the same. Hopefully someone has experience and tells us :)

May 5th, 2019, 10:12 AM
Here's hoping!
I could only find two threads where people on here were discussing it, and even then they weren't mentioning the specifics of their washing/conditioning routine.
The other thread I found they were mostly discussing flaxseed mucilage as hair gel, not as their no-poo medium of choice.

May 5th, 2019, 05:04 PM
I used to whip up my own flaxseed Gel a lot. Back when I liked doing wash n Gos, and did the plopping method everyday.
I stopped completely using flaxseed Gel because I was getting tired of how crunchy it made my hair. I was getting breakage every time I tried to break that Gel cast. You can add an oil if you’re finding it does that to your hair too.

I also stopped using it because it would set my scalp on fire. Idk what the active component in natural flaxseed Gel is, but it doesn’t vibe at all with my scalp.

I washed with it a few times and the same thing happened. Hugh scalp flareup. Only thing I can think that may or may not help it would be to mix up a peppermint oil with it, and the. Wash/rinse to keep my scalp calm. For what it’s worth you could try that if you run into scalp issues, or just wanna boost your wash days.

That’s all I really have to comment on concerning flaxseed Gel.

May 5th, 2019, 05:15 PM
Thank you for responding!
I haven't had any scalp irritation from it, but I rinse it pretty much all the way out so maybe that's why. I'll keep an eye on my scalp health while using it.
Thanks for the tips!