View Full Version : Is this a wig?

March 31st, 2019, 08:39 PM

Forget the color.

At the time that was shot, Nikki was 58. There are men of that age who have a full head of hair - but they are in a very small minority. And with Nikki's history of booze and drugs (don't forget - he OD'd 8x, and literally died once), you wouldn't expect his hair to be in such great shape.

Glad he's ok, and that he survived everything, but I have my doubts as to whether that's his real hair, or a wig.

What say the rest of you?

March 31st, 2019, 08:52 PM
It looks like a wig to me. Kinda cool looking.

March 31st, 2019, 08:54 PM
I say it's an incredibly rude question to ask. How would you feel if people gossiped that your hair was fake and backed it up with all your past mistakes? These days he works a pretty consistent job as a radio show host, I bet his health is a lot better than when he was touring. But who really cares if it's a wig? It's his style, and to each his own.

April 1st, 2019, 02:30 AM
I don't know and can't make a good guess but just dropped by to say how cool it is that men these days have good looking wigs, toupees and hairpieces too! That it's becoming more socially acceptable for men to care about their hair and have the option to wear a wig or such without being ridiculed (since you can't always even tell someone is wearing a hairpiece, that's how advanced they are). Hair is typically really important for women in general but I can understand that hair loss is really tough for most guys too, especially since the options have been to shave everything off or get a bad toupee.

April 1st, 2019, 08:56 AM
The interview is not recent, maybe from 2000 or thereabouts. I think it's possible he might have had good hair back then.

April 1st, 2019, 09:11 AM
I clicked the next video in the playlist and I'd say it definitely looks like real human hair and dyed black. Other than that I can't assume. But I can say my father(who is almost 60) has full thick hair still so it's very possible for older men to have thick full natural hair of their own :)

April 1st, 2019, 05:17 PM
I think it's a wig.