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January 3rd, 2019, 08:47 PM
Hi all! So, I'm new here and I'm kind of just guessing at my hair type. I think I might have type 1b/1c hair but I'm really not so sure. Some days it's quite straight and other days it's rather wavy and frizzy, depending on weather, brushing, drying, etc. I'm curious, so what do you guys think?

Here is my hair air-dryed after being washed normally with shampoo and conditioner:
https://i.postimg.cc/sD73yPbK/hair-3-1-3-19.jpg (https://postimages.org/)

And here is my hair that same day, after being brushed and adding a little bit of silicone serum:
https://i.postimg.cc/7PCxtrVF/hair-1-3-19.jpg (https://postimages.org/)

January 3rd, 2019, 08:50 PM
Sorry for small/bad pictures! I'm still figuring this out.

January 3rd, 2019, 09:13 PM
Well ... It's hard because the waves are short, but I'd say 1c/2a right now because there are more individual waves than plain 1c. (The only hint of 1b is at the top, and it's totally normal for waves not to show until a bit longer, so absolutely discount 1b!)

I think with more length your hair could go either way - turn out to be full 2a as more waves show themselves, or the weight stretches the waves out a bit to be 1c.

Edit: also, welcome! :D

January 3rd, 2019, 09:30 PM
Your hair seems similar to mine, which is perfectly 1a until about the ears/chin, and then has a differing pattern of waves each time depending on so many things. When I comb out my air dried, non-manipulated hair out, it looks like your second photo most of the time. Kind of all over the place, again, depending on so many things (products/no products, which conditioner, combed or not, etc...). I agree with MusicalSpoons and think having your hair grow out some more would clear this up for you :)

January 3rd, 2019, 10:40 PM
Your hair is still pretty short, as loose waves need some length to form. I've changed my hair stats several times since growing from collarbone length! Your hair looks a lot like mine did at your length so it's probably 1c/2a like me ^-^

January 4th, 2019, 01:34 AM
Your hair is really lovely. I think you look like a wavy, at least 2a :) There's definitely a strong body wave there even after brushing and applying serum. Have you tried to enhance the waviness?

January 4th, 2019, 06:47 AM
I think this is typical 1b. There are no separate distinct waves (like loose braidwaves), so 2a is out of the question, definitely. This is typical 1 hair.

Lady Stardust
January 4th, 2019, 07:00 AM
I would say 1c at the moment. The hair typing guide says that 1c has body waves with one or two S waves and that seems to fit you pretty well! Very pretty hair.

January 4th, 2019, 07:27 AM
It somehow reminds me of my hair pre-puberty and that was 1b/c. Maybe that's a good marker?

January 4th, 2019, 09:36 AM
Thanks everyone for the responses and kind words :) This is very helpful and interesting, especially with the variety of answers. I'm definitely more curious now to see what happens as my hair grows longer! I think I will probably call it 1c for now and reassess in a year or so.

January 4th, 2019, 09:39 AM
I'd say it's more wavy than just 1b. 1c or even 1c/2a