View Full Version : Heard From Friend That Had Ankle Length Hair!

December 25th, 2018, 03:02 PM
Hi all,

Today I've heard from my longtime friend that had ankle length hair back in the 1980s! We wished each other Merry Christmas and Happy holidays! We had the nicest conversation. She asked me if I had any siblings, and I replied with saying, "Yes, a half sister but she lives in Houston, TX with my father. But I never got the chance to ask her how long was her hair. She asked me, "How is my mom," and I told her, "She's doing great!" and then I asked her, "How is your mom doing?' and she replied saying, "She is still with us but she doing fine." Then she talked about how she had to clean up the house after dinner. Then she said, "It's so good to hear from you!" and then I said the same thing.

So, what do you guys think? Do you ever talk to your real life longhaired friends?

December 25th, 2018, 03:38 PM
This sounds nice. It’s usually a pleasant surprise to hear from old friends!

December 25th, 2018, 05:52 PM
That sounds like a really nice talk.

The only other longhair I know in real life is my other big brother, so yeah, I talk to him. :D He’s visiting tomorrow with his family, actually.

December 25th, 2018, 05:59 PM
That's nice! I only know two people with hair longer than mine. I talk to one pretty often, and go to her house to hang out every few weeks. She has tailbone length hair.

My other friend lives farther away so we can go months without seeing each other. We occasionally message each other in between but not much, we'd rather catch up in person! Her hair is fingertip length and she hasn't cut it (besides her bangs) in many years.

December 25th, 2018, 07:27 PM
patchoulilove, yes, it is a pleasant surprise to hear from old friend! Me and this girl haven't spoken to each other since 2007. So, you know it was a pleasant surprise!

Yiva, Yes, it was a really nice talk. Wow, you have a big brother that is longhaired? That's awesome! :)

lithostoic, Yes, it was nice! Wow, I bet your friend's hair is very pretty at tailbone length! Yes, it always good to catch up with old friends in person! That's what I really want to do with my friend here instead of calling on the phone. I bet your friend's hair is also pretty at fingertip length too(with bangs). That's awesome that she hasn't cut her hair in many years accept for bangs. I also love bangs too. I've been wearing them ever since I was 7 years old, and always will wear them.

December 26th, 2018, 03:20 AM
That's a nice surprise! :)

December 26th, 2018, 03:25 AM
It does sound like a nice surprise!

None of my real life friends have long hair :( I knew a few girls with tailbone length in high school, and one girl with Classic hair in university, but I wasn't really friends with them. I wish I had a friend with the same passion for long hair as I have, we could browse the hair care isles together and discuss ingredients... :D

December 26th, 2018, 05:54 PM
Joules, Yes, it was a nice surprise!

None of my real life friends these days have long hair either :( I'm like you, I had a good girl friend of mine that had hip length hair in high school, and then my friend that I'm talking about here in this thread, and that is it. I haven't been around anyone with long hair like that since that 1980s! Yeah, I know whatcha mean. I also wish that I had a friend that had the same passion for long hair as I have too, I agree we could browse the hair care isles together and discuss ingredients....:D That would be lots of fun!