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Liz H
November 27th, 2018, 05:35 PM
Hi everyone. I've been reading for awhile, but this is only my second post. Well darn, I just realized I can't add photos yet. My hair is barely bsl, very fine and relatively thick. It was very thick, but not now in my 60's. I have some nice fullness and volume the day it's washed, particularly if I use some self-grip rollers around the crown. Once I sleep in my CPAP headgear, it's perfectly flat.

I have a wedding to attend on Sunday, and would like to dress up my hair a bit. Ideally I'd like to wear most of it down, partially covering my ears. I'd like to sweep it back from about mid eye. My bangs are grown out to about chin length. I'd like some poofiness away from the scalp. Particularly around the face, but also around the rest of my head. Washing it that day would help with the poofiness, but I know it would be hard to hold the pins. I just realized I no longer have any combs for my hair.

I'd love any suggestions on what to do to my hair, and how to make it cooperate! I've seen a few things online that would look good on me. Ooh, maybe photos will link this way. The first one is me first thing in the morning, with a hint of what I'd like to achieve. The others are some styles that I think would look good on me.



love this in the back, not sure about the front

I could get this poufiness on first day, but don't know how to make it last. Ican't french braid


November 27th, 2018, 06:34 PM
Something like this (https://youtu.be/6Nlt89uoDr8)?
If not that exactly, she has lots of easy but pretty half-up styles on her channel.

Liz H
November 27th, 2018, 07:18 PM
AmaryllisRed, I think even I could do this. Thanks!

Do you know if the little bit of teasing the hair will damage? I could normally detangle it, but maybe not with some product on there to hold it.

November 27th, 2018, 07:20 PM
I wouldn't tease it, personally. I think if you want volume on the front, just pull up on the front hairs after you pin the sides back.

November 27th, 2018, 07:37 PM
Rather than a list of what you want, turn the question around. You said you can't french braid. Okay...what CAN you do?

Might be worthwhile approaching it from the other direction.

Liz H
November 27th, 2018, 11:59 PM
I haven't tried to do anything for about 10 years. My hair was short. I watched a few

Liz H
November 28th, 2018, 12:11 AM
Rather than a list of what you want, turn the question around. You said you can't french braid. Okay...what CAN you do?

Might be worthwhile approaching it from the other direction.
I haven't tried to do anything for about 10 years. My hair was short. I watched a few videos on YouTube this evening. I think I could do something like a lace braid, dutch braid, etc. Years ago I did some simple twists while growing out bangs.

November 28th, 2018, 07:03 AM
Hey LizH - agreed with Amaryllis. If you're really trying to grow teasing is generally a no-no, unless you just don't care about any damage you might incur. Also love the vid she posted - that's a super cute style!

Depending on your texture, you might be able to do one of these with clean hair - if you use a cool blow dry (no heat!) upside down on those roots you'll get some of the volume you're looking for. (But it likely won't be there the next day - hence why it matters what the rest of your hair texture is.) My hair is wavy, so it holds pretty securely even clean. But sometimes I also will wait to use products that provide slip until any style like this is complete. Slip makes your length lovely, but (in my experience) is the enemy of good hold.

I'd also recommend hunting out a few braiding tuts on YT - it really doesn't take too much work to re-learn some of this stuff if you'll just dedicate a little time to it.

(The Maria Menunous photo you posted includes a braid as well).

Lastly, test run it - don't wait until day-of and fight with it. Try it today to see how it turns out (though leave out any teasing if you're planning that. I'd only do that once if you're going to do it at all.)

In hairstyles just as life - practice makes perfect!

Good luck - and post up photos of what you decide on!!

November 28th, 2018, 07:55 AM
hair thats just been washed is often in sheeny shiney slippery soft condition which can make texture / hold more tricky.

Styling with 1 or 2 day old unwashed hair is more likely to stay in place (although Ive just re read your comments & you feel theres more volume on a just washed day - so whatever works for you I guess)

And you can add simple texturising & volume that stays in place with some products - a little volumising dry shampoo or hair spray through your hair before you style can help. Its not going to damage your hair particularly esp if you use it as a one off for a nice day & it just washes out after.

Curling your hair either with heat (if youre ok that it might damage it a bit - use some heat protecty products first at least) like tongs
or non heat methods like rags / curlers in damp hair & leave to dry first etc.
Not for big curls, but for the texture and volume - Possibly even just damp braid left to dry to add brave waves might help.
- possibly just on the half up section rather than all your hair.
You can get like a 'bump it' hair insert - just a spongey / netty hair coloured half bump - you clip in (Or you might have to use hair pins / curby grips) under the half pony tail and smooth your hair over it.

(Could probably sort of make your own from a plastic washing up scourer / those netty poof scrub things people get with bath sets if you're crafty)

you could use a hair comb grip - good for helping to create the little half up bump in your hair & theycan have a pretty sparkyly sonething on them already - so no need to add extra hair accessories on top.

Or the half up pony tail where you just twist it round once is pretty simple.

To soften the front & it goes with the twisty pony tail but is simpler thant plaits just follow the hair line round your face twisting it away from your face and pinning.

or like the hiair bump, there may be small tube like inserts you could twist and pin hair to at the sides to add more soft volume.

You could twist & pin the half up pony tail into a little bun.

Have a practice / or if you find it fiddly get a friend / hair dresser to help style your hair & put it in for you.

Pintrest and you tube great for ideas & instructions.
hair spray n hair pins probably a must! & nice hair accessories / some flowers for your hair!

I had a hairdresser do my hair with a little boufant - they bunged hair spray, volumising powder, teased it & put about 10 pins it - but it looked awesome lasted all day & when I washed it out my hair was fine I couldnt see any lasting damage. teasing every day is prob going to reck it i imagine - but I could live with say 15 broken hairs that i didnt notice for a one off do

good luck hope it looks smashing whatever you chose - pics please if you can manage it

Liz H
March 23rd, 2019, 04:24 PM
Spitfire511 & OhSuzi, thanks so much for all of the information! I didn't see this until today
Within a week or so of asking, I did realize just how much there is to learn. I went with a simple twist on one side of my hair, sort of a two strand braid, pulling in more hair each twist.

Another question. Do you get notified if I add your names here, or do I need to actually quote you?

March 23rd, 2019, 04:53 PM
Another question. Do you get notified if I add your names here, or do I need to actually quote you?

There is no notification. You can sub to a thread that you want to watch, though. And you can do a search on your own username, but that's about it.

I typically check every new thread there is, well, almost...