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November 19th, 2018, 09:04 PM
Hello again LHC. I joined back at the start of 2018, but haven't really been active for several months. But being the end of the year (and almost a year from when I joined) I was doing some reminiscing on an eventful year and felt like writing an update. Plus since I have found inspiration in reading others experiences maybe mine can help someone else too.

It has been a big year for me both in life in general, but also when it comes to hair. When I joined LHC in January I was considering cutting my hair. I found myself stuck in a paradox: I liked long hair but simultaneously was uncomfortable having long hair. I worried about how others viewed me. I struggled to deal with the fact that my hair was different from the ideal I had cooked up in my head when I decided to grow it. That lead me to join LHC seeking wisdom. Gratefully, I received some support but also opinions and experiences that made me want to figure out why I felt the way I did and what I really wanted, and to keep growing while I sorted it out since there was no coming back.

Things didn't change overnight and I felt conflicted for months. I went through the 2 week rule multiple times, but always decided to keep my hair after a few days. I tried to change things up occasionally. I posted on LHC and tried to sound more positive or confident than I felt. Not everything was bad but unfortunately that internal conflict came at the same time I was submitting applications for medical school and then preparing to interview in person come fall. I was afraid long hair would hold me back. Was the risk worth it? How much did I really like it? A few people were supportive but most told me I needed to cut it. That certainly contributed to my uncertainty.

Eventually though I had an epiphany and realized long hair is part of who I am, even if it sounds cheesy. Honestly, while it felt instantaneous, I think it was a process over the course of all of those months. I had slowly started to embrace my hair for what it was. I started enjoying it more than I was fighting it. I worried less and less about what others thought and liked, and instead worried more about what I thought, what I liked. I started the 2 week rule one last time in August concerned about medical school and after a few bad hair days. 2 days in I realized I was keeping my hair for good.

Sp by the time my first interview arrived I was already firm in my decision to keep my hair. A week before my first interview I made a gutsy call to get a trim. Hadn't had one since the first year of growing but I wanted to get rid of some damaged ends and even up the length a bit. Everything went well with the help of a very kind hairdresser though I did lose about 2 inches. Then I set off. I'll admit I was still self-conscious my first interview. But things went well and I slowly worried less and less. Growing long hair is hard regardless, but adding on top my personal struggle to figure out what I really wanted gave me self-assurance and confidence I didn't have before. I definitely benefited from it during interviews, and did far better than I would have had I cut my hair months before and not learned to be comfortable with myself. In the end the length of my hair did not affect anything one way or another, which is how it should be.

Now I can proudly say that come next summer I will officially be on my way to becoming a longhaired doctor. Being doctor is something I have invested years of hard work and energy into. But, as funny as it sounds to say, I am almost as proud I can describe myself as longhaired. It represents a lot of personal growth, self-discovery, and it might have been the more difficult achievement. I have grown (pun intended) and changed for the better because of it.

I'm not sure if I will grow my hair much longer than it is now. Currently my plan is to grow until July when I move for school. But ultimately I really want a good braid, my new goal set primarily for practical reasons. I'm still a at least a couple inches shy of pulling one off, as evidenced by some sorry attempts in private. Hopefully the ~4 inches I'll have by summer will be enough and I'll hit the milestone before I start school. If not I'll keep going until I do, but at that point I'll probably maintain because it does take extra time to care for as it gets longer. But who knows? Never thought I'd want a braid and length is addicting. Maybe I'll pull and LHC decide to go longer regardless.

Best of luck to all of you in with your own hair journeys!

November 20th, 2018, 12:22 AM
Wow congrats!! What an amazing accomplishment (both being confident to embrace wanting long hair and taking the steps to becoming a doctor :D) I hope you continue to enjoy your hair and whatever medical practice you find yourself in :bounce:

November 20th, 2018, 01:15 AM
Congratulations! I'm so glad you decided to remain a longhair. You may soon catch LHC-itis!