View Full Version : Favorite Autumnal Hair Styles!

August 31st, 2018, 07:21 PM
I might be jumping the gun for some people, but I've actually been living like it's autumn already for the past few weeks. :laugh:

I thought it be nice to have a thread where we could all share our favorite ways to wear our hair during Fall! I searched for one, but I didn't seem to find one.

I know I prefer braids in the Autumn (well, all year I guess, but especially in the Fall). My go-to hairstyle is two braids. I usually like them in big loose french braids!

What about y'all??

August 31st, 2018, 07:53 PM
I'm in the same boat as you, I've been decorating for Autumn around the house all week! :pumpkin: Personally, I always go with a nice ponytail or braiding my hair to one side.

August 31st, 2018, 10:30 PM
I like cozy hats with braids or my hair loose.

September 1st, 2018, 01:02 AM
I just wear the same styles all year round.

September 1st, 2018, 03:39 AM
I just wear the same styles all year round.

This :lol:

I am too lazy to think of anything when it comes to hair styles.

September 1st, 2018, 07:19 AM
I just wear the same styles all year round.

Ditto. My only change is if I need to wear a summer hat in which case buns don't work, and I'm still trying to find a reliably protective style for that. My usual winter hat is a very soft, stretchy hat that I can fit over a bun - looks ridiculous but does the job! (One advantage of having a puny bun relative to my length, hehe :grin: ) I *may* consider changing it up to a coronet braid if I have to wear a hat and not look ridiculous for any reason; I don't know how my slippery, braid-shreddy hair would fare after taking the hat off though.

September 1st, 2018, 08:19 AM
I wear more braids because of the daily thunderstorms! Today I'm wearing two french rope braids.

September 1st, 2018, 12:16 PM
I didn't have enough hair, last fall, for this to be a consideration.

My assumption is that I'll be choosing accessories with more autumnal colors, maybe hunting themed, and ensuring that my hair is up so that it doesn't rub on my coat. But other than that, I'm not sure what hairstyles would be autumnal.

September 1st, 2018, 01:47 PM
Interesting idea for a thread.

Any bun that holds can be adapted. For autumn I occasionally twine a short length of tiny fake florist's autumn leaves through hair before bunning. In winter I exchange fake red berries for the fake autumn leaves.

September 1st, 2018, 02:22 PM
Great idea for a thread! :thumbsup: And no we don't have "seasonal threads" like this. Maybe you can start one for every season, once we get to that season? It would be *so* neat! :)

Fabulous!!! :happydance: I love new ideas!

I will just be wearing my hair in my LWB (lazy wrap bun) for the season, I think, if it doesn't get too long for it the more I'm growing. The LWB is my go-to bun and I wear it all the time, year round actually.

I might have to switch to a nautilus soon, and I hope I can finally do one then. We'll see.

September 1st, 2018, 07:04 PM
I love half up lace braid tiebacks. They're simple but elegant.

September 1st, 2018, 09:05 PM
All these sound so pretty! I think one for each season would be fun, too! I'll try to remember when winter comes along!