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August 15th, 2018, 11:46 AM
Hope everyone is doing well!

This weekend the biggest beach party of the year is happening on my island. It runs from 7am-7pm, so that means I will be outside, in the sun, all day. Now, even though I'm mixed and very capable of taking sun without getting burned, I'm very careful with my skin and using sunblock because my close white family members (my father, and my half-brother) have had skin cancer cut out of them in the past. I wear sunblock daily- rain or shine.

However, the concept of hair needing sun protection is pretty new to me, and I'm not really sure what I'm supposed to do to protect it. I've seen some people say oil, but would that not literally fry your hair? I'm in the Bahamas so this will be *full on* sun and I'll be out during the peak hours.

Any ideas/advice? I'll have a hat, but it won't cover all of my hair. I was thinking of doing a braided style in an effort to minimize tangles (ocean breeze and curls don't mix).

Also if you have any advice for protecting it from salt water... I know you'd think I'd know this stuff already having grown up on an island, but in the past I've either not cared about my hair and salt water, or I've made an effort to keep it out of the water. But I'm sure I'd be kidding myself if I say I'm not going in the water on Saturday.

August 15th, 2018, 12:02 PM
I protected my hair from sun and salt water with argan oil and twin Dutch braids. My ends did require a thorough S&D session afterwards, but I had a 10-day long vacation at the seaside. I'm pretty sure nothing bad is gonna happen to your hair during just one day :)

August 15th, 2018, 01:50 PM
It's one day, enjoy it and have fun. Put it in braids or up if that's something you do and don't think about it :)

August 15th, 2018, 07:49 PM
:o Thanks ladies!

August 26th, 2018, 02:08 AM
Hi CurlyMermaid, was wondering how your beach party went for your hair. I also live in a tropical, hot climate by the sea. What did you do as a protective measure in the end and did it work. I also agree, oil seems like something you'd use for frying! I do plan to also wear a hat, but when we get in the water, we can stay in there for more than 2 hours at a time, obivously without a hat because of the waves.

August 29th, 2018, 07:56 PM
Hey elfynity! I ended up dousing it in olive oil and doing two braids.

Well- the hairties washed out in the ocean and a whole braid came undone! Last week, I tried the same thing with a braided bun secured with bobby pins when swimming out at the reef and I came out with 4 bobby pins less than when I went in... Mind you my hair wasn't noticeably damaged either time! I just DC'd the next morning (really just a mini-DC, Aussie 3 minute moisture miracle) and I was good to go.

I'm thinking next time I might dampen it, lightly oil, add a thin layer of conditioner. I will do a bun of some sort and secure it with the little claw clips in the hopes that they won't slide out as easily as the bobby pins... Let me know if you find anything that works for you!