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June 17th, 2018, 06:20 PM
Joined in 2009 when I decided to grow out my hair and get it healthy. I reached knee length and I was just getting tired of it and really contemplating cutting it. Well, yesterday I cut it off to mid-butt, about 3" above Classic. The ends feel so nice and blunt, I like combing it and having it abruptly end. :) Also cut off the old henna and it's all my natural color... with streaks of gray.

I think I will cut it shorter in a little while. I have been on a diet, lost 26 lbs, and it is shedding A LOT. It will probably recover as my daughter, who lost 70 lbs, says hers did the same at first.


June 17th, 2018, 06:31 PM
Your ends are beautiful!

June 17th, 2018, 06:45 PM
Very pretty!

June 17th, 2018, 06:56 PM
Ooh, so lovely! I can see why you like those ends! :D

prairie lark
June 17th, 2018, 07:20 PM
Beautiful! I love the sparkles :magic:

Aunt Rapunzel
June 17th, 2018, 07:21 PM
Beautiful! And congratulations on your weight loss, too! What an accomplishment!

June 17th, 2018, 09:24 PM
Hello, almost-hair-twin. :waving: I'm glad you're enjoying your cut.

June 18th, 2018, 04:59 AM
Wow, those ends are awesome!

June 18th, 2018, 05:02 AM
Nice even ends! I'm glad you are happy. That's what counts most of all. Better classic (or around there) fully happy than being knee and not happy with your hair. :)

June 18th, 2018, 09:04 AM
How beautiful! :) butt length is such an elegant look, been thinking of doing the exact same thing in a year. My hair is almost at knee. Did you have any regrets or miss it at all?

June 18th, 2018, 09:24 AM
Beautiful hair and texture. Glad you're enjoying your new cut!

June 18th, 2018, 07:04 PM
Nice! :)

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June 18th, 2018, 07:16 PM
You have such pretty hair! :)

June 21st, 2018, 10:05 PM
Such lovely thick hair! It feels wonderful to finally cut out the last of an old hair color, doesn't it? Like, finally, success!