View Full Version : Chia pet hair stage

June 4th, 2018, 02:29 PM
Oh the joys of 3 a/b hair. I'm starting to look like a Chia pet..... I'm inching toward shoulder.... Anyone else in this stage?

June 4th, 2018, 04:21 PM
Ha ha yes! I am 3b, growing out from a pixie cut. I am between ear and jaw length now, and my husband observed that I look like a chrysanthemum.

June 4th, 2018, 04:28 PM
Sometimes Queen Anne's Lace when my layers are misbehaving.

June 4th, 2018, 04:34 PM
Oh yes. Absolutely.

And chia pet...I'm going to have to remember that. It's THIS stage that has forced me to learn how to restrain my hair, mechanically. No styling product would or could handle it. But my curls are coming along nicely!

This morning was wash day. Since my hair actually broke my turbie twist, I had to try pineappling with a spandex headband instead.



June 5th, 2018, 08:11 PM
Haha! My hair is much longer now and straighter, but after I shaved my head and it was growing back out, the first few months it grew sticking straight up and I thought I looked like a hedgehog.