View Full Version : Having eczema flare up

December 28th, 2017, 06:41 PM
I was exposed to frigid temps and since then having a flare up.Tried applying cera ve cream and tried one antihistamine.

No difference.Its so painful,I cannot was my hair for atleast 3-4 days.

My hair has thick sebum which is waxy if try with nails.....whats that i wonder?:eek:

December 28th, 2017, 09:09 PM
That's tough. Do you have a prescription cream for it? Maybe try some diluted vinegar on it for the waxt and any infected or raw spots and coconut oil for drynews. It helps my scalp eczema flares more than anything.

December 29th, 2017, 01:45 PM
Dealing with scalp eczema this time of year can definitely be a struggle. My scalp eczema had gotten so bad till it had progressed to becoming scalp psoriasis. My skin issues are largely hereditary, along with my being highly allergic to quite a lot of things as well. I see a dermatologist monthly for issues with both my skin and scalp. I undergo monthly UV light therapy treatments and i also get insurance approved laser scalp eczema therapy treatments as well. Now, I have been prescribed a ton of stuff for my scalp eczema and have even been recommended OTC stuff to try as well. My scalp is very sensitive and using harsh chemicals on it, just isn't very effective towards really treating my scalp eczema overall, and when my scalp eczema has flared up excessively bad, I have been given shots and sometimes pills to take too. I can only say that what has helped me beyond the treatments that I get in my derm's office is simply going by a minimalist routine. I avoid products with sulfates, silicones, mineral oil, waxes, synthetic fragrances (which most of I am highly allergic to), certain ingredients that I have come to know that I am highly allergic to, and drying alcohols. I currently only use all natural products on my hair. Because using chemical laden products doesn't agree best with my scalp, and often a lot of them don't agree best with my hair either. So, I use a shampoo bar to wash my hair and scalp with, I wash my hair normally once a week (sometimes twice if need be). I only apply one product to style my hair with, a moisturizing styling cream, and I keep my hair bunned up. I only detangle my hair (using my Denman No. 3 brush) only on my hair wash days and at night, I sleep with a satin bonnet on faithfully.

I don't regularly pre-poo, however, during this time of year doing such is something that I know can be very beneficial for some peoples scalps. So, you may want to pre-poo your hair with a natural hair oil or oil mix, before shampooing it. I personally have found that I can't go long without using shampoo as my scalp just can't handle long-term co-washing (using an actual co-wash/cleansing conditioner) at all (even though I have tried to go that route many times). I can't use regular conditioner to wash my hair at all (it works miserably for me), and doing water only washes is a total no-no for me.

Outside of shampoo bars (which are the only shampoos I can honestly use on my super sensitive scalp period), and when it comes to hair care products, I either only use handmade, all natural products on my scalp and hair that I buy from online, or all natural products that I find in the drugstores that I know my hair already loves and that my scalp is able to tolerate well. At this point, I basically only re-purchase products that I already know that are compatible with both my hair and scalp. And, that I can completely trust that I know won't harm my body in any way.

In regards to medicated shampoos, one of the most common medicated shampoos that derms recommend is Nizoral. The 1% strength you can buy OTC, however, the 2% strength is something that has to be prescribed. It isn't a cure all for me, but for others it has provided them with a lot of success. For me, it took a lot of trial and error, before, I came upon best hair care regimen for myself, which is extremely hard when you are someone who is a sufferer of severe scalp eczema and has been for many years (before it was finally diagnosed in 2015), and am still battling it, but thank God for the bit of relief that I have finally been blessed to start experiencing, through choosing to go a more holistic route with the products that I use on both my hair and scalp at this time. Even through I have ongoing scalp eczema, I had to walk away from usage of harsh chemicals because it just isn't best for healing my scalp, however, for some people, they do find better relief with medicated shampoos or other prescription medicated scalp products, or even some OTC medicated scalp products, so if you do not want to go the all natural route like me, then, by all means, definitely don't hesitate to make an appointment with your PCP or a dermatologist at this time, if things continue to get worse. They may be able to provide you with a medicated product that just may work very well for you.

Well, no matter the route you take, I certainly hope that things get much better for you, okay. Because I know this time of year can definitely be very rough on ones scalp for sure.