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June 19th, 2017, 05:34 AM
This is long, so sorry, would love some advise...

I live in an extremely humid climate and to make it through the summer of 2016, I invested in a Kerasilk treatment. It was amazing. My hair was smooth and frizz-free for months. It took about 3 hours in the salon and I saw the characteristics flakes coming off my tresses - bits of old product removed by the process. It also removed leftover brown dye from my hair, leaving it quite coppery, but I didn't mind.

When it was first done, it *completely* changed the look and texture of my hair, making it super straight and incredibly smooth, almost like I was wearing a super fancy wig. It also locked it into a certain style that remained for sometime; even after washing and drying, it would just 'snap back'. Even my husband, who doesn't always notice hair stuff, could tell I had had something done from seeing me during a Skype chat. The difference was obvious.

Four days ago, I had another Kerasilk treatment to get me through this summer, at the same salon.

However, something seemed off from the get-go. It only took about 90 minutes. And I saw no flakes, nor a change in color. When they were done, it was smooth, but there was nothing like the total transformation that took place last year. It just looked like a nice blowout. It felt silky, but again, not in the same way I experienced previously. When I woke up one morning, part of it had flipped out while I slept, while last year, my hair was basically immobile.

Now, it's been a few days and one wash (with sulfate and sodium chloride free shampoo) and you can barely tell anything was done. It's flipping out a bit. Parts of it are getting puffy and frizzy from the humidity. It doesn't have that silken texture. It's like most of the result has been washed away.

This cost me $200 and it's only the beginning of the summer here. I'm really upset. Has anyone experienced this? Do you know what might have gone wrong?

I am going to drop by the salon, but I'm afraid they'll say 'tough luck.' :(

June 19th, 2017, 07:07 AM
Is a Kerasilk treatment the same as a keratin treatment? I would think so, right? I think they might have done away with the more harmful ingredients in the treatment from last year to this one, and that might explain the change.

Also, I would not go back for them to do it again? It might be more than your hair can take.

What texture are you? Have you ever thought of embracing your natural texture?

June 19th, 2017, 07:46 AM
Yes, I believe the Kerasilk to be a type of keratine treatment. Maybe it is an ingredient change, but the difference is so significant and it seems like I paid $200 for next to nothing. I am very upset.

I also worry about damaging my hair by doing it again, but I don't know what to do. I have thick, straight hair with a normal/coarse texture I can usually make quite soft and smooth with a leave-in conditioner. I generally have nice, easy to control locks.

However, I live in Hong Kong where we have intense humidity for much of the year - it's common for the humidity to be 80% and higher for the summer. It makes my hair an unmanageable mess - frizzy, poofy, flipping out in weird directions, no matter what products I use. The Kerasilk treatment was a lifesaver last year and now it's like barely anything was done...would they have changed it that much?

June 19th, 2017, 10:42 AM
I had a very similar experience to you in December 2014. I had my second keratin treatment after having one 8 months earlier, which gave me the silky smooth hair I longed for. When I had the second one my hair felt frizzy and course in patches. This was in my pre LHC days. I went back to the salon and they admitted it hadn't worked saying it was a faulty batch of the product. They redid my hair within 10 days. This trashed my hair. It was silky smooth, but mega thin. In the months that followed my hair just continued to break off and fall out. Going back the the salon some 6 weeks later for my regular toot touch up they then began recommending, as a woman in my mid fourties, it was perhaps time to cut my hair shorter. In my research into "should women over 40 have long hair" I discovered this place. With lots of advice here I have learned to live with my natural texture and nursed my damaged strands back to better health, gradually trimming off the over treated damage.
I guess from my experience, what I'm saying is don't have the treatment again so close. Nurse your hair back to health and perhaps bun or braid it during the humid weather. I find this often results in soft smoother waves and eliminates a lot of the frizz.

June 19th, 2017, 11:04 AM
I don't know much about it, but I would speak to your hairdresser. If you paid 200 dollars you deserve to get what you want. Sometimes products change and that's out of your stylists hands. I would go in person and let them see what is going on. In my opinion you tend to get better service in you speak to someone in person. I hope this helps. 😬

Upside Down
June 19th, 2017, 12:15 PM
Kerasilk did change the bottles and scent is a bit dofferent (weaker) but I didn't get less of smoothing or straightening with the new formulation.

From my point of view it can be a few things.

Maybe they used less heat since it is the second time. Kerasilk (Goldwell, right?) has a cumulative effect so they thought to do less damage and hoped for the same effect.

Also they could have been less thourough with the ironing. You mention that it lasted less to get it done.

They may have not clarified your hair very well before the treatment. Extremely important in my experience.

It could be cumulative damage. What have you been doing to your hair between treatments? Color? Heat?

Did they use the same (strong/medium) formula? Kerasilk comes in "strong" and a "medium" I think it is called.

And also I don't know what the flakes you mention could be. Kerasilk should be done on clarified hair, so there shouldn't be anything on it except for the treatment itself. I don't get any flakes when I do it for sure. The product itself is pretty heavy there and hair feels all sticky while ironing it but no flakes come off...

All in all repeating the process now is probably going to add a lot more damage so I would personaly not go down that road. I would, if it was me, clarify and then do a protein treatment followed by a moistruiser and then try to do my best with what I have for at least 4 months. See how it is. Repeat Kerasilk, but take care at what salon, and ask questions. What formula? Do they clarify? How much heat will they use? How many passes? Etc. Ask everything.

June 19th, 2017, 12:43 PM
I don't know much about it, but I would speak to your hairdresser. If you paid 200 dollars you deserve to get what you want. Sometimes products change and that's out of your stylists hands. I would go in person and let them see what is going on. In my opinion you tend to get better service in you speak to someone in person. I hope this helps. ��

9 times out of 10 they will want to do it again, because what else can they do (refund her perhaps) and this is what can be disastrous for her.

OP, what texture do you have? Do you have 1, 2 or 3, or 4? If it's in the 1s it should be well manageable on its own with a blow dryer and an iron.