View Full Version : I hit a milestone!

April 16th, 2017, 10:14 AM
I can finally bun my hair in a self containing bun! (excluding undercut being grown out).

My hair is very firmly past bra strap length, and approaching my natural waist, which is the longest it has EVER BEEN! Just wanted to share with y'all, my husband doesn't get excited about this like I think he should, lol. He wishes I would cut it all off.

This is a game changer for me because I dropped my acrylic stick I had been using in the shower, and the tip broke so it would snag my hair :cry: but I can now bun it in the shower using nothing but the hair itself!

April 16th, 2017, 10:16 AM
Congrats! (DH wouldn't understand my excitement over that either!)

April 16th, 2017, 11:15 AM
Congrats. Hitting a milestone is wonderful! :D :applause

Kat-Rinnč Naido
April 16th, 2017, 12:04 PM
Congratulations this is awesome news :cheer:

April 16th, 2017, 04:27 PM
Yay, that is so exiting! I had a moment like this with a hairstick. This is even more exiting though!:)

mermaid lullaby
April 16th, 2017, 04:31 PM
I'll celebrate with you! :happydance:

April 16th, 2017, 08:40 PM
How exciting, congratulations! Hitting a longest ever milestone is a big one. :beerchug:

April 16th, 2017, 09:23 PM
That's great news! It's so exciting, isn't it? :D

Jo Ann
April 16th, 2017, 10:41 PM
Well done, Daisy! :cheese:

April 16th, 2017, 11:44 PM
wooo hooooooo awesome :)

April 17th, 2017, 12:35 AM
Congratulations! Awesome! :D

April 17th, 2017, 01:50 AM
Thanks everyone! It is super exciting for me :)

April 17th, 2017, 02:21 AM
Congratulations! :joy: :applause

April 17th, 2017, 07:35 AM
Woohoo!!!!!!! Congratulations!!!!

April 17th, 2017, 08:08 PM
That's great! :hifive:

People all around the world are celebrating with you.

April 17th, 2017, 08:30 PM

April 17th, 2017, 08:50 PM
Congrats! When I first hit this milestone I was so pumped about it I shared my enthusiasm with my mom and she said, gross! (I think she thought I hadn't washed my hair and the grease was holding it up in lieu of hairspray, actually). LOL. At least here we understand and can properly celebrate with you (: :cheer:

April 17th, 2017, 10:51 PM
Yeh! Congratulations! I now the feeling of hitting a milestone! I remember when I first joined LHC in 2010 I started out at chin length, and now my hair is at MBL!!! I can now also make a bun as well too!!!