View Full Version : Am I supposed to trim the back/neck/neckline bit?

January 20th, 2017, 11:44 AM
It grows the fastest but always looks the worst.

January 20th, 2017, 12:51 PM
No need to, but I get these little concentric curls that create knots galore and don't grow more than a few inches long, so I would cut mine short when they got troublesome once I realized they had such a short terminal.

January 20th, 2017, 01:58 PM
It depends on what you want for your own hair. I kept mine trimmed as I grew it out because it grows unevenly.

Wildcat Diva
January 20th, 2017, 02:16 PM
No not necessary. I did it when I started LHC because I didn't know any better hahahaha.

January 20th, 2017, 02:21 PM
I would not say that you are "supposed" to. Some people choose to do so because they think it looks neater that way. Some don't care at all and others think the maintenance of keeping it always shaved is too much or feels itchy.

January 20th, 2017, 03:08 PM
People actually cut that part, interesting.

January 20th, 2017, 03:34 PM
No! Those are my only real curls!