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January 17th, 2017, 06:05 PM
Hello all!

Hope you are well. I thought I'd post a 2016 "year in the hair" thread. I started off 2016 with mid back length hair and ended with BCL hair that I cut back at the start of 2017 and cut more layers in when wearing a ponytail started to hurt. Having a lot of hair can be painful! :(

Anywho enjoy. It's so inspiring and awesome to be able to draw from LHC's wealth of knowledge.

January 2016
http://i836.photobucket.com/albums/zz285/kittykatcontradictions/C2F63BEC-1B50-4B24-BDDF-97C39DA09057_zpsjv7pidk8.jpg (http://s836.photobucket.com/user/kittykatcontradictions/media/C2F63BEC-1B50-4B24-BDDF-97C39DA09057_zpsjv7pidk8.jpg.html)

December 2016
http://i836.photobucket.com/albums/zz285/kittykatcontradictions/025BCBCE-2950-44E8-8504-C2E2A65DCBD4_zpseiuvl9fa.jpg (http://s836.photobucket.com/user/kittykatcontradictions/media/025BCBCE-2950-44E8-8504-C2E2A65DCBD4_zpseiuvl9fa.jpg.html)

Post cut Jan 2017
http://i836.photobucket.com/albums/zz285/kittykatcontradictions/675499A5-2045-486D-B12A-00E21B0A7B4B_zpsbups6ulh.jpg (http://s836.photobucket.com/user/kittykatcontradictions/media/675499A5-2045-486D-B12A-00E21B0A7B4B_zpsbups6ulh.jpg.html)

Happy 2017 and onto another year of growing hair!

hanne jensen
January 18th, 2017, 02:12 AM
You have beautiful hair, kganihanova! Congrats on your growth.

In 2016 I was a long MBL and almost waist area. During the year I dusted some and more or less ignored my hair. Suddenly in November I noticed that my hair was at the bottom of my waist. It was a real Holy Moly moment. I had a massive shed last year due to stress. I'm now waffling between maintaining and growing as my hemline is thinning.

I have challenged myself to reach BCL by the end of this year. I'm really in a bit of a quandry.

January 18th, 2017, 10:38 AM
Very nice, love the body waves.