View Full Version : Has my scalp become sensitive or are shampoos to harsh now?

July 8th, 2016, 08:58 PM
Okay some history; up until a few years ago I would wash my hair daily with commercial shampoo but finding my hair getting oily the very next day.
Then me suddenly wanting to grow my hair long from my always shoulder length hair. Fast forward a couple of years to now where I gentle shampoos or water only and washing my hair like maybe 1 or 2 a week or whenever I feel like it and finding no problems or oiliness, scent ect.

most of the shampoos/conditioners i buy are like smell herbal mediciney or like no scent, and sometimes like once in a blue moon i'll use a shampoo like herbal essence because they have a nice scent and the scent can linger for days.

so when i do use those shampoos my scalp feels so dry and sometimes like a burning itching sensation on my scalp. which i thought might be due to hot temperatures but ruled that out to our hot water temp control (i normally set my showers to 38~40'C and have no problems with that temp) so thought it must be from sls shampoos. Then Ill have to soothe my scalp with like oatmeal or something otherwise it becomes really sensitive and like 'hot' the next few days. well serves me right for using sls i guess.

I've wondering if my scalp has turned sensitive from the use of gentle cleansers or is this like some sort of allergic reaction? Or is it how harsh shampoos have become now?
Also has this happened to anyone before? to those use occasionally use or use sls all the time?

July 9th, 2016, 04:39 AM
I think it might be your scalp protesting to the too mild products.

I got the same thing, in a shorter time span from going from sulfates to sulfate-free. I got an SD flare-up (itch, flake, redness). Sometimes only the itch gives it away early, but it's all over and relentless, that's how I can tell.

Try washing with sulfates again, for an extended amount of time. See what that does. Not just once, but at least a couple of weeks!