View Full Version : Large amount of shed after clarifying

May 14th, 2016, 04:15 PM
Is this normal? It wasn't coming out in clumps or anything but it seemed to be more than usual. I did do a bit of scrubbing on my lengths, which is probably why, but I'm paranoid.

May 14th, 2016, 04:17 PM
Keep in mind it might be spring shed also.

Just go back to your other shampoo, and compare. Don't wash sooner than normal, just on your next wash - keep an eye on it.

No reason to panic just yet! :flower:

May 14th, 2016, 04:41 PM
More intense scrubbing of scalp or length always results in more sheds that day for me, too. I think it's normal, and is likely due to manipulation and is likely somewhat similar to heavier shedding during exfoliation, deep treatments with massages or henna-ing/dyeing sessions, etc etc...

I'd just take note of it :flower:, remember the name of the shampoo (just in case it's a reaction to something on the ingredients list) and watch shedding rates for a while after this (just to be able to rule out the possibility that it could be coincidental and beginning of shedding for some internal reasons).

May 14th, 2016, 04:46 PM
If it is an isolated incident, don't worry too much about it. Like lapushka said, continue your regular routine and see if there is a change.

I have varying amounts of shed hair after different wash methods or different products. I don't think that this is anything to worry about.

It's easy to be worried about small changes, but remember not to stress yourself out over it because that really can cause shedding.

May 14th, 2016, 04:58 PM
I always use this shampoo, I just usually dilute it with conditioner for a normal wash. And I've clarified with it before. So it's not the shampoo. Could be a "spring shed" but it's been summer weather since March so I doubt it. Probably just the scrubbing. Thanks guys.