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March 18th, 2016, 12:03 PM
So they say we have to take Brewer's Yeast for like 3 months but not more than 3 months at a time because our body will get used to it and it won't work anymore. I'm finishing my cure 23rd march! Eeeep! So my cure has been looking like this since Dec 23rd:

2 Brewer's Yeast ''pills''
1 fish oil softgel

2 Brewer's Yeast pills
1 Biotin pill

2 Brewer's Yeast pills
1 fish oil softgel

So I know I have to end the Brewer's Yeast for the next 3 months. But do I have to stop the biotin and fish oil also? Or is it actually okay to keep taking them? Or will my body get used to them and it won't work as well?

What should I stop taking for now? And any alternatives to take while I'm not taking Brewer's Yeast that will also have benefits? I'm thinking of the magic potion. Any other ideas?

Thanks sisthuuurrrrrs. :-D

March 18th, 2016, 12:31 PM
Do you not want comments from male LHCers?

I don't know about whether you should take this or that supplement, but I think many people are deficient on omega-3, so I wouldn't stop taking those. Unless you know for sure you get enough from food.

Vitamins and minerals usually only work, if you are deficient. So it's probably safe to stop the biotin. In general if you do take vitamins, it would be good to take B-complex instead of just one B-group vitamin (biotin). They work together and complete each other.

As for brewer's yeast, I'm not sure what's the benefit of that. It has some B-complex vitamins (possibly not balanced with each other) and some minerals. I assume the theory behind this cure of yours is based on those B-complex vitamins and minerals.

March 18th, 2016, 01:36 PM
Yeah I want males to reply to me too if they wish aha, I kinda forgot about them for a moment. o.o

And this is interesting. So should I keep taking fish oil, and instead on Brewer's Yeast I start taking like B vitamin pills? Like for all the B vitamins in general? Or maybe my body might be used to certain stuff already in Brewer's Yeast so the B vitamins won't work as much?

I didn't thought about the fact that omega-3 is not eaten a lot...but it's a good point. ! :o

March 18th, 2016, 02:00 PM
The B-vitamin pills really only help your body if your have been having too little of these vitamins for a while.

There are three camps (at least) when it comes to supplements.

Camp A thinks no supplements are needed (they assume one gets the macro-nutrients from diet), and that they can be harmful, even with relatively small dosages. This camp seems to be the strongest at LHC currently, so you might be getting many comments to toss the pills.

Camb B thinks moderate supplementing is healthful, and with normal dosages, like in multivitamins, are fine. This camp is in favour of "patching up" diet, that is missing micro-nutrients, with supplements. Say, vegans, those on strict diets, those who are allergic to many foods... often take certain supplements because they know they are not getting enough from diet.

Then there is Camp C who takes super-dosages, without even knowing if there is deficiency.

I am personally not against supplements, and take them myself regularly. But in general I think it's relatively safe to assume you get enough B-vitamins if you eat a balanced, normal diet. If you are vegetarian or even more so if you are vegan, you would need B12 (and some other supplement are often recommended, like iron, zinc, omega-3...). If you are following a normal diet, but not eating wll, you might be lacking some B-complex (and other) vitamins (and minerals).

Then the brewers yeast. It only had few different B vitamins in high enough quantity to be meaningful, and other Bs pretty scarcely. It also seemd to have minerals in relatively small quantities. You would get full recommended daily intake and more balanced B vitamin complex, and all the minerals, from a multi-vitamin pill. I personally would take a multivitamin instead of relying on brewers yeast for nutrients (although maybe it has other benefits, I was only assuming thet the cure included it because of the minerals+B-vitamins).

Basically I'm not advicing on one way or another. I think a multi-vitamin pill should be fine if you want to take supplements, and like I said the omega-3 probably is good to continue taking. The brewers yeast is probably ok to take too, if you want to, but I'm not sure it does anything a multi-vitamin wouldn't do. B-vitamin tablet - complex or only one type - though, I would rather take multivitamin myself. If you do buy B-complex tablets, buy ones without mega dosages. Overly high dosages are a burden to the body to process and to excrete.

You will get all kinds of opinions and advice from internet. Take them all with grain of salt - yes even mine. :) You'll need to form your own opinion among the often contradicting information.

Of course if you do have a deficiency, then you should follow the doctor's/nutritionist's recommendations.

March 18th, 2016, 09:24 PM
Thanks Arctic. :) I'll keep taking the fish oil softgels... not sure about the rest though...but Brewer's Yeast is recommended to end after 3 months than wait to take again, so I'll see what I will do soon...