View Full Version : I'll always be growing the hair out, just never growing out a bad cut in hiding.

February 19th, 2016, 06:58 PM
My hair was somewhere south of waist, my husband wanted me to look like a properly well kept wife and go to the salon. He has been so wonderful this year, I decided to. Well, my daughter got some great shags at the salon in our Walmart of all places and I had picked a long shag. I am getting older and wearing my hair down was stressing the my thinner hair on the top of my head and it was looking well thinner under the weight. The girl said she could do it thinking my hair was only going to be wavy. Well when some of the length came off, it curled up too much for her feel confident finishing so I paid and left with enough hair for a shoulder length or so shag. I finally figured out that she stopped because she knew my hair can't be blow dried straight, I look like Pomeranian and it was too curly for her try to layer wet. I pressed on, a friend recommended someone. I made an APPOINTMENT for the very next day. I hennaed but the ends were getting too dark so I rinsed too soon and used one red color with 10% developer to get rid of my gray roots. Went back for the appointment and found my dream stylist. She knows about henna, she said not to try to correct the color, just do roots only and let the ends lighten naturally in time to avoid damage. I'm in love!!!! I plan to see her every two months for trims and have my medium shag go to a long shag and looking good DURING THE WHOLE PROCESS!!!! I refuse to still at home looking at choppy stuff just for a few inches. No matter what length, it can be cute. But even though I did get a cut, I still very much love this place and lurk often. This site doesn't just teach you how to grow great long hair, it teaches everyone how to have better hair period, and length, trauma, drama, and sometimes medical disasters. Thanks! I met wonderful stylists on the boards and never thought I'd have one in my little corner of the world, now I do! I love that the henna is keeping my hair so nice and the oils I use pamper it. I'm not going to go crazy trying to pump up the curl effect and wear myself out but I can make it less frizz and more curly with little effort at this length. I'm just going to enjoy NOW. Future dreams come back later, I'm going find something that makes me grin right now! And next year I will post pics of the longer shag, I'm saving the picture....Back to being happy in the now though. Thanks for just making this a goldmine of haircare tips and advice! Just thanks! It is shorter hair but it is awesome hair!!!

February 19th, 2016, 08:06 PM
and you didn't include a picture because?

February 19th, 2016, 09:13 PM
I'm married, old, unattractive. I had my kid snap a photo or two, moved to the desktop, asked myself how long it was going to take me to resize them and figure out how to post them before I gave up. Sorry. But dang I miss you!!! I saw the tat and thought you were a creepy guy at first hehehe!

February 19th, 2016, 09:14 PM
for you, Give me a bit. Working on it.

February 19th, 2016, 09:35 PM
A back shot is in scraps and changed my pic so they are current. It has been a crazy year, Got married last year, worked out lots of stuff, straightened out my meds a bit, started doing some computer repairs for my husband, kids driving me nuts, Gabby is a senior. Cassy wants to be an anime artist but she 14 and in training hense me having photoshop. My husband let me have pets! I have a bunny love triange and a chinchilla couple.....The bunnies have babies and living colony style. I miss here sometimes, sometimes I just miss sleep. So great to see you here.